Blog # 2

Visit the website
Explore the website checking out the pod-casts.
Listen to a podcast.
Write a 4-6 sentence blog at our class website (remember your section number and no last names).
Tell the name and web address as well as your opinion of the podcast.


09/14/2009 12:54

For the homework I listen a podcast about the different religions in the world. the URL is

In this podcast Sir John Templeton speak about all the wisdom we may get if we unite all the positive things of all the different religions. Unfurtunately it was just a 5 minutes example and it doesn't goes in a lot into the topic. But with I hear it looks that it is a really awesome and interesting topic.

Katherine Poole
09/14/2009 14:40

Dear Mr. Grifith:
for the homework I went to the page you gave us (learn out loud). then I chose biography since I like to hear about peoples history and life. Then I found this great podcast about the great american Presidents, by wikipedia.
the narrator is a great narrator, because he can explain everything slowly,but still very undertandable. In this podcast the narrator talks about the four most important presidents for the U.S.A , George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt. During the podcast the narrator gives some ideas of the presidents life, like when they were voted as presidents, and some services they did. This is a very good example of a podcast because you can understand everything, and you can imagine the story.
the URL for this podcast story is

Delia C, 8-3
09/14/2009 19:52

hi, mr. griffith
I entered to learn and I went to the sports section so, I found a great podcast about Michael Jordan. The name of the podcast is Michael Jordan an audio tribute. It was about Michaels life.When he was little he played futball, baseball and basketball but being a super basketball player was for him only a dream. He never thought that he was going to be able to become a superstar because he didnt even qualified to be in his highschool team. But he never gave up, he kept on trying and when he entered to the Chicago Bulls team he was an inspiration to kids from every age. People asked him what he liked about basketball and he said that he felt like he was flying. Michael had 13 years of supreme fame, and we still think that he is the very best. Now a days there are great basketball players like Cobey Bryant, and we admire them a lot but there is never going to be another Michael Jordan. By reading this podcast I learned that you should never give up your dreams because what would have happened if Jordan would have gave up in Highschool??
hear this podcast, it is amaizing.

Daniela 8-4
09/15/2009 12:03

Hey mr grifith,
For homework I went to and I went to the science section thenn to NASA podcasts and there were a lot. I chose one named HIdden universe. It was about how they seen christals forming. It said that to find a sttar doing something special is difficult because of how slowly he space changes. They found this star named EX lipi that is 500 light years away brighten up a lot and some particles around it forming into cristals. This is the first time astronomer can see cristals forming. They can see them forming with some special thing that they have. When they compare this star when it was at 2005 to 2008 they can see that cristals were not there they apered during the years. The cristals have been seen around things that are too small to be stars or around dead stars. This is an important discovery because scientist have never seen a chemical change like this around a young star, but it is also a good thing to help solve a puzzle right here by earth. I think this is a very interesting podcast that people should watch so they can learn more about space because I really learned a lot. You can find the podcast in

stephany C 8-1
09/15/2009 14:36

Hi, Mr. Griffith. I just did the homework you assigned us. What i chose to hear was "I have a dream" by Martin Luther King. I chose this podcast because even though i already knew what it was about i wanted to hear it again but be able to understand what he said. In school I've heard this speech but teachers only let us here about the part of "I have a dream". That's why i wanted to hear this podcast all by myself. This podcast is about the speech of Martin Luther King. The URL is

09/15/2009 15:31

Hi Mr.Griffith! I heard a podcast about the Great US history Speeches. It tells you about that Obama gave when he won the elections for president and I think it's a great speech because you can relate it with the one John F. Keneddy gave and those who are very important people to the US.

Great Speeches in History Podcast:


Debbie C. 8-1
09/15/2009 17:17

Hi Mr. Griffith,

By hearing podcasts you can learn different things. I decided to hear about Laos a country in middle Asia. I could discover what this country was about. I thought it was very similar to Guatemala because of its amazing vegetation. Sam shares that he stayed in the mountains and it was a place very peaceful and relaxing with not too many people. It had some poverty, but know is time to lend a hand. I invite each one of you to go and visit Laos and start to help. You will feel really good by helping and at the same time make a difference.

Debbie C. 8-1


Xristos D. 8-3
09/15/2009 17:58

Hi Mr. Griffith

For homework I heard a podcast about golf. I went into sports and hobbies and I founded golf tips (it seemed interesting). I saw th podcast and it was about how to fade a driver. Joe Beck said that in order to do that we needed to first aim clubface at target,aim stance left of target,heel ahed of toe through impact,and swing along feet line. It looks helpful when playing!! I will try it.

Xristos D. 8-3

09/15/2009 18:31

Dear Griffith,

Today I went and find a podcast in a website. It was very interesting because I could hear what I could say if I would like to find a job. This podcast tells you 25 things to say when getting a job. It is very useful for people looking for jobs. When I grow up and want a job, I will use this podcast to help get the job.

Sincerley: Student Andres Cofiño

Andres Cofiño 8-4
09/15/2009 18:33

This is the website and my section

09/15/2009 18:36

Hi Mr. Griffith,

For the homework I heard a fable about a farmer and a snake. I found these podcast in the Aesop's fables. The tale is about a farmer that founds a frozen snake outside. He takes her and put her near the fire. She revives and bits the farmer and kills him. This tale shows that kindness will not be able to make "good" the ungrateful. I think this is a good podcast because it has a good reflection. The one thing I did not like was that there was not showing and that it was too short.

Salvador A. 8-4
09/15/2009 18:37

It is me again...
here is the website

juan manuel b 8-5
09/15/2009 19:55

Oscar B 8-4
09/15/2009 19:57

Today I visited the web site This web site is really good because it talks about how you can do stuff this also can help you do stuff that you don't know how to do. This pod cast talked about how to get the ball up in the air and in the green. This will always help me when I need the help.

Sergio Rivera 8-5
09/15/2009 19:58

hi Mr. Griffith the website that i saw was it was about a person telling about world soccer. the person saaid that barcelona will have competition with real madrid. i liked it because it was interesting but little long. it was hard to find it.

Jose Ramon Mena 8-4
09/15/2009 20:10

dear mr griffith
the podcast i heard was about the soccer world cup 2010. They commented that brazil was one of the favorite teams that will passs to the world cup. This tells me that brazil is a really good soccer team and that many people think the same thing. I couldnt hear the whole `podcast because it was 2 hours long but y heard the first five minutes of it. it mainly talked about the world cup, who are the favorites and who are the teams that are not expected to pass. I liked this podcast because it talked about soccer and also because it tells a lot of info about the world cup and the eliminations of the countries and tells me what teams are bad and what teams are good.

juanmanuel b 8-5
09/15/2009 20:13

I heard a podcast of the story of Abraham according to the old testament.

I think that this was a verygood podcast with all its caracteristics but i think it didnt have a good reflaction. I would have put to it more suspence and a better reflaction.

09/15/2009 20:42

Hey Mr.Griffith, today i checked a podcast about how to speak in public with more confidence.I found it interesting because since in your life you will always be comunicating with everyone in life, you will need a way to manage some things so i thought that maybe this could not just help me but many people.One thing I did found quite interesting is that you need to know how to start a speech. You do not need to start with sophisticated words, you need to talk with a level your audience can understand because if not you are just making it harder for the audience and for you. Another thing is that you need to be confident with everyone at the time you are talking because it will help words to flow right along!This podcast sure will help!

I found it in:
Business and the URL is

Paula Ibarguen 8-2
09/16/2009 05:37

For my homework I listened to a podcast about global warming. But this wasnt the usual type of global warming podcast. It was about how global warming is a myth that the media is tying to make us beleive. After watching this podcast I satarted thinking that eventhough global warming might not be as bad as the media is telling us it's still happening. The website from which I go the podcast was:

09/16/2009 15:13

HI Mr.Griffith
For my homework i losten the podscat in the christmas gifts ideas and here is what I listing for ideas the book out of mind the cronics of narnis CD box set and th elord of the rings box set wooden box. and here is the website:

Marcela A 8-5
09/16/2009 16:04

Mi Mr. Griffith,
For my homework I heard "The Magic of Thinking Big". This is a very interesting an motivating podcast. This podcast tells you how to think positevely in order to success. It also explains how your mind is extremely powerful because if you are sick and you are thinking positevely that you are going to cure your self it does make a difference. As you can see this is a very interesting podcast to listen to!
Marcela A 8-5


09/16/2009 16:33

Hi Mr. Griffith

For my homework, I listened to a podcast called and I lerned new things of scrapbooking, i learned that scrapbooking is a way to express yourself by sharing ideas to others and you also have to be a decorarive and an organized to have a nice scrapbooking work.It was a good idea to hear these podcast.

Joseph Fuentes 8-3
09/16/2009 16:48

Hi Mr GRIFFITH, I went into learn out loud and I went to biographies and went into "The Assesination of Julius Ceasar" I think this podcast was very interesting because it explains a lot what did Julius Ceasar did before he was killed like all the people from different regions who hated him. Julius Ceasar also went to a famus battle at asia minor and from there a famus speach comes from. It is "I came, I saw, I conquered.
Generaly I think that this podcast was of my interest and I realy think it is interesting to hear this podcasts.

Sharon Grotewold
09/16/2009 17:18

Hello, Mr. Griffith!!! What I heard in the blog you told us to go i heard one of ancient medivial history, I like history and that´s why i chose this one : A Survery of the Midle ages. It was interesting and actually I did like it.
Ok, see ya at school and in class.

Isabella C, 8-4
09/16/2009 18:29

hey Mr.Griffith!
for the homework i went to, and i listened to a podcast called Classical Mythology Podcast by Learn Out The link to the podcast is

I liked this podcast a lot. There were various narrators, but you could understand them all. They spoke clearly and explained everything in a way that you got it easily. This podcast talks about many ancient Greek gods, and what they represented, and even what they were called in Roman mythology. Some gods and goddesses I already knew about, from last year, but I think I learned at least one new fact about each one. It gave a lot of info about each god or goddess, and it was really interesting! I liked this podcast a lot. =P

09/16/2009 19:14

Dear Mr. Griffith,
I'm sorry that I did it today, but I totally forgot because of the long weekend. When i entered that page I listened to a podcast about Laos and thought about some similarities. Laos is a country somewhere in middle Asia. The most important similarity that I thought was that Laos was very similar to some of the countries here in Central America (including Guatemala) have a very similar way of growing crops. I'm sorry!!!!
Thank You,

karl robert jacobs 8-5
09/16/2009 19:18 Hey mister grifithe these is ma web page it is is about nasa and the flights to the moon . I hope you like it cause I did.The Podcast is very interesting and the other ones in the same page are very interesting.

Debbie Porres 8-5
09/16/2009 19:35

Mr. Griffith, for my homework I listened the podcast of Alice In Wonderland at This podcast was told by Lewis Carroll. I liked this podcast because it make me remind about my childhood when I saw the movie. One thing I liked about it was that it was very descriptive and it made me picture all of it in my mind. By hearing this podcast I have learned some skills to do my own podcast. If you are interested to hear it this is the link:

Cristobal S 8-3
09/17/2009 07:58

The podcast I heard was about great presidents. It talked about the presidents acheivments and their faliures. The talk about the best presidents and the bad ones. It helps you know better how the presidents were.

Ou Suk Kwon 8-3
09/17/2009 07:59

The pod cast that I heard was Anne Frank. This pod cast was about her diary.
In this diary she tries to describe about her life and her family. She says that she loves to write a diary, because she likes to write and she likes to show about her life. In my opinion this prod cast was really good because she was showing not telling about her life and she says many descriptions that I could draw the situation in my brain.

Sangwoo Shin 8-3
09/17/2009 08:02

Mr griffith I entered the website I herd about the classic mythology. I learned alot about Ancient Greece and Rome. All about the gods, like Zeus^^and more.I lik eto hear podcasts.

Jim Griffith
09/17/2009 13:22

Great job on this homework!!!!

karl robert
09/20/2009 16:40

Mr griffith saw the videos. And know i realise that we the kids are the future of the world and we have to start being more responsible because if not we dont have a future.And if we drop out of school or dont study we wil fail .And the goal I want to have is do all my homework and i will acompish it.


Jaime R 8-2
09/21/2009 16:11

The Obama student speech was told really well by president obama.I like how he said students are the future of the world and to never give up on yourself even if everyone else gives up on you. What I didn't like was that he kept saying that if you let yourself down, you were letting your country down and to not dissapoint him because he is working in giving the kids the equipment they need. Even if he said that, the speech was really motivating and obama made a few great points about school and students.

Mario A
09/21/2009 17:12

dear mr . griffith i saw the two videos about obama giving a speech to the children, that was theyre first school day. i liked how he encouraged with strong words and frases, the kids that dont want to go to school and are bored of getting up early and all that stuff and how he explained them that that every kid is the future of their nation in the world it was a great speech with alot of encouragement.

nina d. 8-4
09/21/2009 17:34

obama talked really well. mr. olson tlks exactly the same as him he tells a story and then he tells you what to do and you know dont you think the same??? well i liked that he said to never give up on yourself and that he gave examples. he was really motivating by saying that we are the future and he said very TRUE facts about students point of view of school. i liked it a lot.

wow he talks exactly the same as mr.olson!!!

nicole c
09/21/2009 19:10

i have to agree qith nina he talkes exacly like olsen...scary.... i like that he is very oranised in all his ideas and what he said a bout school was really motivatig and very true, he gave many examples for all his ideas..i like how he talkes he is a great speach person

Isabella Castillo 8-3
09/21/2009 19:20

Hi mr. griffith i saw a podcast of how to be a very good president but also how to have failures it was motivating. At one point it motivates you a lot and it makes you ask your self things. So I really liked to see that podcast I think you should see it and you will se how it motivates you to be a president with failures. It was cool

Camila L. 8-2
09/21/2009 20:10

That was the podcast. This was the author of the "monk sold his ferrari."
I really liked this podcast because he knows that everyone does not have the same opportunitys but they can reach it if they propose it to themself. Nike believes that everyone is an athlete. Then he believes that the leading organizations understand that they have to grow leaders throught their organizations enable to lead their field.

Vinicio G. 8-5
09/22/2009 18:33

Hey Jim

i saw president Obama's speech and I think it was really cool. I like how Obama feels so secure and talks really well. His voice is serious that really makes you convinced of what he means about school. About the fist day and how students feel about it. I really agree with him about how we the students are the future and the world depends on us.
So it really motivated me.


Alexandra B.8-3
09/22/2009 19:24
Well hi Mr. Griffith, I know this assignment is very late but, you remember that I told you I had no quick’s time player.. now I have installed it .
I heard a podcast called ¨Five Simple Steps to make yourself fearless¨ By:Guy Finley.
It starts talking about ¨Common Success¨ He says that that common success can never be stolen from you, and I agree a lot with him, because the good thing about knowledge is that no one can take it away from you. He also starts his speech by saying- ¨We are going to have a very deep and delicious drink from the cup of truth.¨ And for me that is a really deep phrase, because in other words he is saying,-¨let’s look the truth about life, let’s stop pretending it does not exist.¨ A lot of people like to live in their own bubble of life, but what are they going to do once it burst, that’s why since we are little we have to know the conditions we and our country is living in. Success is not a feeling, it is something we look forward to feel.. why? Well because in some way or another it provokes you satisfaction, and by feeling that we feel important, or that we are becoming something. For me no one succeeds in life who is in fear. Guy Finley supports this by telling us that no one succeeds in life who is in fear because they care too much of what might other people think about their success. So in conclusion to have intelligence, does not mean you will have common success, because you have to be open to everything that comes at you.

Gaby T 8-3
09/22/2009 19:56

Hey mr griffiht!! i just finished watchinf mr. obamas speeches and thought he has a really good point! This video made me think that school is very important and depends on how well yo do. With doing good in school will bring you later to a better life and getting better jobs. Obama i think gave a really strong message to all kids and especially telling us that even though you come from a poor family, and growing up having a sad life.... that you can do it if you believe in yourself and put effort on what you want in life~~

gaby t
09/22/2009 19:59

sry i wrote down my response on the qrong blog! i will type it again jajaja sry

07/25/2012 17:53

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07/25/2012 17:54

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