I would like to to blog on the topic of genocide.  You may write about what you learned,questions you still have or some of the bigger questions such as:
  • What are the factors that may empower people to resist unjust authority, and to act as helpers/rescuers in genocidal situations?
  • Why have so many genocides occurred against indigenous peoples worldwide?
    What point was Adolf Hitler making when he said: "Who, after all, talks nowadays of the annihilation of the Armenians?"
    Why is humiliation such a central factor in genocide?
    As always you may blog (write) any thoughts or feelings you have as long as it is on topic.  You do not have to answer the questions above.  The questions are to help you think about the issues.  Please read other students blogs and respond to their thoughts and ideas. 
    I look forward to reading your thoughts.  Mr. Griffith
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    Listen to President Obama's School Speech.  The speech can be found @ "from the teacher's desk" page of this website. Blog a 4 to 5 sentence response. Your opinions are welcome.  Due 9/23/09


    Blog # 2

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      I have been a teacher for 19 years and have taught every grade from kindergarten through community collage.  I even taught in a prison.  I love to read, I like to write, but I am poor speller.  I have two daughters (Emma and Abby), and a wonderful wife. We live in Guatemala.