Listen to President Obama's School Speech.  The speech can be found @ "from the teacher's desk" page of this website. Blog a 4 to 5 sentence response. Your opinions are welcome.  Due 9/23/09

Jose Ch. 8-2
9/16/2009 09:04:45 am

Dear Mr Griffith I like the speech made by Obama and how he tells us that he had to study at 4:30 with her mom because his father died at the age of 2. I also believe that it is motivating to improve as students. But I disagree with the part that says that probably no one will be a rapper or basketball player or tv star because I think that if you dream things are possible.

Cecilia A 8-1
9/16/2009 10:15:33 am

hi mr griffith, I watched the video and I thought it was rally interesting! I liked the fact that he told us how important school is. I like that he said that school depended on how well we did and made us decide what we are going to do to make a living and how are we suppose to behave in school to go to a good college. I liked it when he talked about how his mother didn't have time to teach him but only at 4 in the morning! I liked the examples that he showed about the kid in texas and in LA because it really made me think how people that suffer like them can be so dedicated and do good in school. I disagree in the part that he said that there was a possibility that you wouldn't become what you want to be this moment partly because like I think that he was just trying to be negative about it, maybe if you are really positive it may come true. I think that I can't tell my parents a reason of why I did something wrong or had a grade because that means that I'm just no trying

Estuardo B.
9/16/2009 11:46:41 am

Hi Mr. Griffith i watched the video and thought that he's right in the fact that nobody is responsable for our own future but us. It doesn't matter wether you're poor or you have problems or not. everyone on the world has more than one opportunity to become successful, but not all of us follow those opportunities beacause we get to a difficulty. In conclusion I'll like to state is that unsuccessful people choose to be unsuccessful people, successful people, so we choose who we want to be.

Chih-Chun T.
9/16/2009 12:32:23 pm

Hi Mr.Griffith,I watch the video of Obama speech and he is right. We are responsible of our future and our countries depend on us. This speech also had a very strange and very interesting part the part when he mentioned cleaning our hand when he was talking about the study,about our future. In conclusion I will say that the speech was very interesting but our future we have to make it successful our-selves.

Christa W. 8-1
9/16/2009 12:48:12 pm

Hey Mr. Griffith, I watched the Obama speech and i think it was inspiring. How he said he had to study with his mom at 4am was something I never heard before and now I know why he is so dedicated. I think it was kinda weird because in one part he said that there was a possibility that you wouldnt become what you want to be in life. In my opinion, you can do whatever you want in life, but you have to work hard for it, go throught tough times and be positive always. I disagree with that and I say that thats not being positive and he shouldnt of said that because there are many examples of people who struggled to get to where they are and took chances to become who they wanted to be in life. I liked the speech, though, it was inspiring

Cristobal S.
9/16/2009 02:02:46 pm

Hi mister griffith. This Obama speech is realy inspiring. He gets to lead the idea of the importance of education and lets you see his point with this spech. His speech was very deatailed, well explained, positive and inspiring. It gave lots of examples and can help you even save your career. It teaches you to reach your goals, to never quit and to succed in life, even though you get in obstacles or fall, you should allways get up and keep going. This is my opinion of Obama´s speech and what its message was.

Cristobal S. 8-3
9/16/2009 02:04:57 pm

sorry I forgot section and grade.

ana paula
9/17/2009 08:24:36 am

Hi Mr. Griffith! I saw the obama video! I think that he left a really good message! He inspired me and he made me think of things that i hadn't thought about before. He spread our the message of how important education is. He demonstrated that if you want to succeed in life, you have to be positive and put 110% of your efforts in school. Responsibility is KEY. He also said that you discover your talents in school. Education is very important because we are the people who will lead our countries in the future. The world needs us for future progress, but we can only do this if we get a good education.
I really enjoyed the speech

ana paula
9/17/2009 08:25:40 am

sorry... i forgot grade and section!! grade 8 section 5

Virginia G. 8-1
9/17/2009 08:48:45 am

Hi Mr. Griffith. I thought the Obama speech was really interesting, he is much better at public speaking than Bush was (Bush would have given us a reason to laugh of him in the middle of the speech.). I think that the speech was really good at encouraging students to become successful, and his anecdote about waking up at 4 in the morning each day to be tutored by his mother was also interesting. I kept wondering why some U.S. people got angry by his speech. The speech kept me wondering: What kind of publisher would reject the harry potter books? are there really 12 publishers in this planet who would reject them? I thought that was a good example of failing and learning from your mistakes because kids know the books well and think about what he said. I think this speech was really good and inspiring, but doesn't the president have better things to do?

Ching Chi Tu 8-2
9/17/2009 09:08:18 am

Mr. Griffith,
What I thought about the Obama speech was that it was very understandable. He is a very good speaker which might have made that people appreciate and choose him. His speeches uses a vocabulary that everyone understands and is very clear. I don't understand how the people will think that the speech will make people like Fidel and Chavez(not Jose A. Chavez). The J.K. Rowling example was really good, I never knew her books were rejected so many times!!! But another good example may be when Thomas Edison said he didn't fail to create a light bulb 100 times. He said he found out 100 ways to not create a light bulb. But in general, I think the Obama speech was very cool, straightforward and interesting.

Jose Javier F
9/17/2009 09:11:25 am

Wow, president Obama is a really good talker. I especially liked and understood about the part thet by letting yourself down you let your country down. That is very true. Also, about all the past people who by working hard founded the nation, fought a world war, put a man in the moon. That is very interesting and inspiring. I also liked MJ's quote, about failing so much that he succeeds. It is all really nice.

Jose Javier F
9/17/2009 09:18:58 am

sorry, I didn't put my section, 8-3

Nari 8-1
9/17/2009 09:29:31 am

Hi Mr.Griffith,

I read the speech of Obama. it was really interesting i liked the fact that he told us how important school is for kids. His speech can make other people succesful in life. I think that in the part that Obama said that the people couldn't be want they want, I think its a lie. because if somehow makes effort and does everything to do what they most people get it. I think that i can make my dream true

sebastian busto 8-5
9/17/2009 10:12:26 am

Hi Mr.Griffith,

when I was seen presedents obamas speach i learn and figured out some things. One of them was that if you want to have a good career and succes at life you have to put all your effort at it you have to study alot and also you have to put attention during clases. Also I figured out that if you dont have the amount of money to have alot of fancy things it dosents care you have to put all of your effort so you can go and have a succesfull life.

sebastian B. 8-5

cristina saravia 8-2
9/17/2009 10:16:12 am

i realy liked his video because he told us about how life in school was for him by having extra classes with his mom. I feel now onored to have a better prevelege then the president of the united states had. I also liked how he explained the inportans of school and how we should apriciate it. Obama is a very inteligent man although many people may be against him. I think he is know what he is doing and we should wait to sea what he will do to make the united states a better place. He also explained how we can achive goals and make dreams come true. This video maked me thinkk of all thing ive let go in my life thinking that i couldnt do but now that is over i will achive or try my goals.

Alo G 8-4
9/17/2009 10:28:02 am

Hi Mr. Griffith. I watched the two school speeches from President Obama and it influenced me to do my best. It also made me think that you are the responsible for the way you take things at school. It also impressed me the story that he told of his mom giving him classes at 4:30 a.m and that i hate to wake up at 5:30 and he raised alot from the social class he was before to what he is now. I also liked the part that he told of Michael Jordan and also that you need to allways thank in what you have. It also made me think about how to achieve goals and dont give up.

9/17/2009 10:52:00 am

Man, this guy loves to talk. I've heard the speech that Obama gave to all the students in America and he is right, if you give up on yourself and start to get bad grades or just quit going to school you doom yourself and doing that you also doom your country. Everyone's life is difficult, no one has a rainbow color life or as it is said in Spanish "una vida color de rosa"(you should add this phrase to your spanish dictionary MR. Griffith). But even if your life is hard you still can see the positive side of it and study hard so when you grow up you will have a better life for you, your country, and your children.
So to all the students and teachers who read this blog, think, what are you good at? Are you giving your best in all the classes? Are you helping build a better world? If not then try and give your best in everything you do, and at your age all you do is to assist school. Teachers, be nice, if a student is having troubles with an assignment or is not paying attention, think what you can do to help him or her improve. But at the end, the only one that can do something for your life it's yourself. doesn't matter all the help you get, your future is only YOURS.

Maria Elisa Vanegas 8-2
9/17/2009 11:28:55 am

hi mr. griffith this is my opinion ☺

Mr. President Obama speech was really shocking and trully true. I Think that he is tottaly right that we are the future and we are the ones that we will be doing the knew discoveries and changes in a couple of years. I also think that his example of when his dad left him and his mom did the best to putt him in a good school and collage it did made a change wich will be Mr. President Obama being in the possition he is now. I also believe as Mr. President Obama the we should all have second chances and that we become much more experienced when we develope different trials and probably fail in most of them.

bye ☺ (did my h.w.)


Javier Mendez
9/17/2009 11:29:13 am

Javier Mendez
9/17/2009 11:36:34 am

Hi Griffith. I saw the video and I think it was a good speech. Even though it was a little boring I learned new things. I think that what Obama said was very important for children because it is true that if you are not succesful in school and in college you may not be succesful in life. Also it is important to know that even though you don't have good resources or a complete family, you should put your best effort in school.

Xristos D. 8-3
9/17/2009 11:44:15 am

Hi mr. griffith! WOW! that was a really good speach because obama speaks how our education is very important and that we need to work hard. He said that even we don't like a subject or if we don't get well with teachers we don't need to get down and don't make any effort, we need to make all the effort we can so we don't dissapoint ourselves, school, teacher and family. We need to be reponsible so we can achieve our goals in our lives, do our homework, pay attention, respect the campus and the children in it. WE NEED TO MAKE OUR PART!


Sammy Ch.
9/17/2009 11:55:20 am

Hey Griff! quite an amusing story Obama told about studying @ 4:30 am! though that did show that his mother really cared for him, and when he said that Michael Jordan was cut off the team because he failed a lot and the phrase he told. "I have failed over and over and over again and succeeded. And about J.K. Rowling who was rejected 12 times b4 the book published. I believe that this president will be really good, its like he knows what he's doing and talking about. Unfortunately the vids got stuck b4 I could finish.

DoNg JaE l. 8-1
9/17/2009 11:58:12 am

As expected from the presiden to Obama. This man love to speech a lot of things he's speeches are some of school, support, people and more. This man talking about that every person that has education has there skill that can develop while they are growing. But the problem is that until they try they will find out. So i find myself thinking what should i do when i graduate from this school but i will not know until i try everything. So i will try to find what i'm good at so i can leave with that thing. Another thing is that i can learn from my worst mistakes that i did. xD

mariana Beltranena
9/17/2009 12:03:15 pm

WELL!! Hello Mr.Griffindorf hahahaha. I watched the video and I think that what he is telling is what I hear everyday from my mom or dad when I don't want to go to school. Also I hear everyday that the kids are the future and he is right but in my opinion is enough from hearing it from my mom, dad, and teachers.

mariana Beltranena
9/17/2009 12:04:16 pm

Mariana Beltranena
9/17/2009 12:05:53 pm

sorry!!! But i liked the fact that he made me change my mind of going to school with a better actittude because I don't really want to let my country down

Juan Diego Guzmán 8-2
9/17/2009 12:24:09 pm

Hi I saw the video and I kind of don't find anything wrong I mean Obama was trying to makes students work harder but he is also putting goals for them those goals may be not what their parents want he is basically what he wants them to do

Juan Roberto 8-4
9/17/2009 12:38:33 pm

Hey Mr. Griffith I saw the video and it really changed the way I look at school. He is right when saying that our future is our own responsability. I also liked how he said that everyone had a chance to learn, when I think about the kids in Guatemala that dont have this chance it really makes me sad.
I found really interesting that he got up at 4:30 in the morning for his mom to teach him.

9/17/2009 12:50:26 pm

I belive that what obama said was so true I even marked this video as favorite...I raflected on this video and it impact me that he was left by his father when he was 2 years old. What Obama said inspired me to do thing better. I think I'm Goin' to follow hs advice.

mariana botran 8-2
9/17/2009 12:59:52 pm

hey mr.griffith! i just watched president Obama's speech. i liked it a lot because it motivated me to do my best in school and change my attitute in class. Also, i liked how he told everyone that even if you dont get the best support throughout your life, you can still have a grat future if you work hard for it. I also liked that he told all the students that you have to learn from you rmistakes and not let them define you. I really liked his speech and i think he is a great public speaker.

Andrea Garcia 8-2
9/17/2009 02:13:47 pm

HIii..!! I watched the video and i found it really interesting. I liked how Obamas mom wanted his son to have a good education so she started teaching him herself. I think that this video encouraged children on going to school with a better attitude. I also liked that he told us how important school is and why we should appreciate it so we have a better future. We are responsible from our own future and we need an education to have a good future.

Marcos Pinzon 8-4
9/18/2009 01:01:05 am

Hello Mr. Griffith I really liked the speech President Obama gave. It inspired me to pay more attention in school. Also he helped me apreaciate what I learning at school. What I mostly liked is the way Obama gave his speech. It realy inspired me.

Esteban Rivera
9/18/2009 01:01:59 am

Hi Teacher the speech of Obama was very inspiring. It inspire me to appreciate what im learning on school .His speech was very detail and it gave alot of examples that persons can give you . well i wish we do more things like these

gaby gottlib 8-2
9/18/2009 08:50:54 am

HI! the speach of Obama was really good! I am impreased that he had to wake up at 4:30 each morning to study and that his father died when he was 2! I think this speach is really good and insiring! I think that we should really take advantage of learning and learn! I liked this speach!

Ricardo (richie) 8-2
9/18/2009 09:19:34 am

Hi mr griffith, I saw only the first video and a little of the second because suddenly it stopped and it didint work. I like the the speech it motivates us knowing he woke up at 4:30 just to study I wouldnt do that. I liked the Idea that he used to inspires us more, when he said dont let your country down. When he said that I started thinking , just because many guatemalans all ready let guatemala down doesnt mean I need to let guatemala down. I liked the speech but if he didint say the part that probably no one will be a baketball player and everything,I think that is letting many children down and destroying their dream. I think anyone can be whtever he wants to be no one can tell him or her if he or she can or cant do something.

Katherine Poole
9/18/2009 10:58:49 am

Hey mister james griffith!! jaja! As i heard the first video I thought how important it was to put effort to succed. I like that he meantions the responsabilities that we have, we must have a good education to have a good job. i liked the part he said that we don't have a future built for us, but we have to creat one. No one has written your destiny, this is very true because you never know what can happen next.I liked the way he tells us why not to drop out of school, he tells us how he and other people took responsability for their future, and that paying attention in class you can get to be a hero. He also let me know what a real leader and a real believer can be. he also tells me that if you are not good at a thing you have to try to be better so later on you can succed.
I believe Obama is a very smart president, because he encourage everybody to be able to keep on studying, because if you are able to stay in shcool with a little effort. i like the part that he meantions that if you had an accident in life, you can still keep on making the most of your life with what you have.
I believe overall obama leaves a message, a very clear message.
I believe he really encourages everybody to keep on dong what they want until they achieve it.
Thanks mister james griffith for letting us be encouraged by obama!!

Jenifer C
9/19/2009 12:44:32 am

Dear Mr.Griffith the speech of Obama was good because it tells all of us as students to do your best in school.He is right about the part of it does not matter if you have the best teachers or supportive parent if we do not wanna do good in school we wont.Thank you Mr.Griffith for telling us to listen to thhis speech because it encourages us more to do better in school.

Marcos V. 8-5
9/19/2009 02:24:54 am

Hi Mr. Griffith I think Obama is a great public talker he really pleases the crowd.I think that Obama is doing a great job by doing those kind of speeches because I think Obama is a good motivation for young kids and teenagers. Also he encourages the kids to stay in school and make the right choices in life like school. Another thing he points out is that by studing hard they won`t let their country down and that is a good motivation to stay in school. I really enjoyed the Obama speech and it motivated me and encouraged me to work hard on my studies and do my best job in school.

Sabrina R. 8-1
9/19/2009 02:41:35 am

Hi Mr. Griffith! I really liked the speech Obama gave, it reflects his constant effort to the country, and the hope he has to the U.S. in the future.I think that it was very convencing and it transmitted its message.It is very important to not only go to school, but to go to school with the aim to learn and gain education every day a bit more.
We have to have self-discovery and find wwhat we are good for. We can´t be afraid of errors, cause they teach more tthan studying does.Effort has to be endless and has to give the future, that us kids, will build.

Sergio rivera8-5
9/19/2009 02:52:37 am

Hi mr grifith this video is interesting. its interesting in the fact that every one needs to try the best in school because exists other people without opportunities. it made me sad when he told that his father died when he had only 2 years old. something that impacted me was the he studied with his mom at 4:30 in the morning. i liked this video. by see you in school.

daniela de leon 8-5
9/19/2009 03:15:29 am

Hi Mr. Griffith. I thought the Obama speech was really interesting, he is much better at public speaking than Bush was (Bush would have given us a reason to laugh of him in the middle of the speech.). I think that the speech was really good at encouraging students to become successful, and his anecdote about waking up at 4 in the morning each day to be tutored by his mother was also interesting. I kept wondering why some U.S. people got angry by his speech. The speech kept me wondering: What kind of publisher would reject the harry potter books? are there really 12 publishers in this planet who would reject them? I thought that was a good example of failing and learning from your mistakes because kids know the books well and think about what he said. I think this speech was really good and inspiring, but doesn't the president have better things to do?

Sharon Grotewold 8-5
9/19/2009 04:00:12 am

Hello, Griffith!!!!! For the homework about the speech I saw both of them. Obama really has a strong opinion in our education and he is right, as much as must people won't like to addmit it.For us to become what we want to be when we get older we have to first try it so we can actually see that we really like writting, inventing, or many more things. But if we didn't try in the first place and keep studying and not dropping out of school we can actually be what we have wanted to be since we finally made the desicion. And as you might already know - because of how much I adore and LOVE to write and read - I want to become a writter. And for me to become that - which is also one of my biggest dreams - I will study and keep up the good work on L.A and E.L.E, because those two classes are the ones that teach me how to be a writter. but also we always have to focus to make it work out. So, I must agree 100% with Obama.
Bye, Griffith, and see you in class! :9

Jose Roberto Zepeda 8-3
9/19/2009 05:41:24 am

Hi Mr. Griffith! :)! I just saw the video OF Obama giving his specch to all the students of the U.S. I think it is a good viedo i'm it was very interesting, because he related it to some persons, his own life, etc.
I think that he has the reason in this speech because the school is so important for you because when yuo become an adult yo would know alot of things and it will help you to go to a good college and have a job. So the really impacts in your life. So I agree with Obama in this speech.

Bye Griffith

Ana Cristina A.
9/19/2009 09:47:43 am

Mr. Griffith, I really liked Obama´s speech. For me it was really good. I liked how he express himself about the future of the country.....and kids future. Also how he talk about the decitions!

Debbie Porres
9/19/2009 01:14:38 pm

Hi Mr. Griffith, I watched the video of Obama talking about how important school is. I liked the speech,and I thought it was very interesting. I also liked that he told us how school was when he was younger and all about what his mom did with him. I agreed on everything he said! It was a great speech!

Pedro J. 8-3
9/19/2009 01:21:33 pm

I liked Obama's speech a lot. Once when he said that we are responsible of our future and our countries depend on us. His speech was very deatailed, well explained, positive and inspiring. He was also really clear while speaking. At last, I learned new things.

9/20/2009 03:39:02 am


isabella a
9/20/2009 07:17:43 am

Isabella 8-5

Hi mr grffith, for and my homework i listened to the speech that obama gave ad what i have to say is that he is totally right when he says about when people wants to go to school the first and the last day but not the other days that we have normal and boring days where we have to learn and make tests, well i already told you my opinion. BYE

9/20/2009 08:15:27 am

Christian A. 8-3
9/20/2009 08:41:23 am

Hi Mr. Griffith, how are you, i listen to Obama speach and it was motivating and inspiring. He is a really ceartainly about school that to have a good job you first have to go to school. There is many responsabilitys about school but like Obama said the most important is the responsability of yourself. I am impresed that he woked up to study at 4:30 because they did not have enough money to send him to school and at that hour beacuse the mom had to go to work later. Obama said that if you have a challenge you don't have to give up and you have to continue and set new goals. I think i f you set a goal you have to work on ti and reach it. Obama gives really good speachs, Bye

Delia C.8-3
9/20/2009 10:15:44 am

hi mr griffith,
i listen to the obama speech and i though that it was great. i liked it a lot because i absolutelly agree with him. it was also very interesting because of the anecdotes that he told. I never thought that his life had been so hard and I really admire that he was able to become a president. what i liked about the speech was that he talked with his heart and his words really touched me. when i heard this speech i thought of my own life and of how fortunate i was.
he is a very smart person and i liked what he told to all of the students.

Enrique Neutze 8-1
9/20/2009 01:00:04 pm

hi mr griffith, i just listened to the speech that obama gave for students. I think he is totally right about what he said during the speech. I really admire him because he had a very hard life during his childhood, and that he didn´t had a father, and now that his an adult, he became a very important person (the presindent of u.s.a. I also admire him because when he was a child, he had to wake up like 4:30 in the morning since his father had left the family and the mother had to work now, the mother didn´t had enough money to send him to a school. So her mom gave him lessons in the morning, since it was the only time when she available. So in my opinion, obama is a person that is a good example that we students or young people should try to follow.
His speech was really inspiring and touching and it made me think of my life and how fortunate i am being here in these school and how fortunate i am to have a family like I have.

thank you mr griffith

Ana Julia R.
9/20/2009 01:04:56 pm

hi mr.griffith
I heard the speech that obama said to the kids on the school and i thought it was pretty interesting. I liked the fact that he said school is very important and if you are good at school it says how your life will be like and everything. I really think he actually motivated alot of students to de better some things. I don't know why some people did not like the speech , cause i found it very interesting.

Than mr. graffith

Julie B 8-1
9/20/2009 01:33:08 pm

Hi!!! I thought the speech Obama gave was very good! He talks very well in front of public and I could see that it is very easy for him. This video reminded me that everyone has to work hard in order for the country to prosper. The country can get better, with more security, technology, more education, etc. if everyone does their job well done. Obama works very hard every day, but that doesn't make a difference if we don't try to improve the country too. Obama is a very talented president, who showed me to never give up and to keep trying.

Marcela A. 8-5
9/21/2009 02:30:18 am

Hi Mr. Griffith,

I thought that Obama's speech about was really interesting and I really liked how he said that school was very good for all of us and we needed to behave well. I really liked the anecdotes he said because you can realize that important people have also passed difficult times in life just like many of us. I really like how Obama gives this type of speeches because he is really good at persuading and that will hep improve helping people stay in school and making the right choices. It really made me feel gratefull for all that I have because his dad died his mom had to teach him at 4 in the morning and I thought that was really nice of his mom. Eventhough there are many negative moments you should always look at the positive side because everything takes time and the future is on your hand and you need to make it the best you can! I really liked this speech.

Marcela Alfaro 8–5

Daniela Morales Leonhardt
9/21/2009 08:32:31 am

I just say the speech and I can seriously say I have a complete new appreciation for school. I am lucky to have such a good education, and I really haven't taken advantage of it. I now feel that I really do have to work harder in school because with just complaining I won't get none of my ambitions for my future. We also ARE the future, so dropping out of school of just not working up to your potential can't be an option for a better future. I really liked how he persuaded with his own story, how he had to be taught at 4 AM and having to go through all those hard times in his life, and now he is the President of one of the most powerful nations in the world. It doesn't matter whether you did or not go to the best school in the world, it's the effort you put in it and what you make of it. I loved this speech, it was very touching and inspiring.

Daniela Morales Leonhardt 8-2

Nicolle B 8-4
9/21/2009 09:02:21 am

Hi.Mr GRifith just wanna say thta the presidents obama speech is very great and it shows that if you have just 1 parent you could still keep on going i think he is a very good person and would be one of the best presidents of the U.S.A at my opinion

Marcela Z. 8-4
9/21/2009 09:20:13 am

Hi mr.Griffith!!! First of all I really thought that this was a really interesting and inspiring. This was an inspiring speech because it makes us students realize the importance of shool is and having a good education. I liked the part when Obama said that he had to study with his mom at 4:00 in the morning every day ! this speech really made me feel thankful for having a great family, a great house and also getting tha chance to be on a great school where I can learn new things every day!

Luigi G 8-1
9/21/2009 09:51:02 am

Mr .griffith you know I realy never thought of school that way. That it is when you discover your advantages or what your good at. I thought school was just like were we learn how to begood in life. I liked the part when he says that if you dropout school you are droping out of your country. I liked it because it is like the future of our country is in our hands which it is really.

Juan Pablo Wurmser 8-2
9/21/2009 10:02:31 am

Mr.Griffith I thought that Obama's speech changed the way I look at everythig. I now understand that it is not only my responsibility to succeed in life because of my future but also my countrie's future. We all have to contribute to make Guatemala a much better place. I also liked what he said about not giving up because to accomplish your goals you can NEVER BACK DOWN.

PS: Vamos Barca!

9/21/2009 10:04:52 am


ignacio rodriguez 8-1
9/21/2009 10:10:42 am

I think this speech inspires people to try their best in school and to do all their work. I think this speech is a good thing to make but in other place like washington D.C, not in virginia state. I also do not like that he says we would not become movie stars or rappers because I think he is telling us to not follow our dreams. Overall I liked it and this is what I think about it

Oscar B 8-4
9/21/2009 10:23:09 am

Mr. Griffith I have to say this speech can change a lot of KIDS lives because it says that we are the people that make our country up high. This speech taught me that I have to put more effort to everything especially to school. From now on I am going to to try to read more often like every night. I think that president's Obama had a really tough childhood and he is trying to make ours much better even do we don't live in the U.S.

Lucia C.
9/21/2009 10:26:05 am

Mr. Griffith.
I watched the video and that encouraged me alot to work har and succed. I now know that I really need to work on school and face my challenges. It does not matter if I am good or bad at school but always try.I now know that school is very important and that it will help you the rest of your life.

sarah c. 8-3
9/21/2009 10:48:50 am

mr. griffith.
after watching the video i concluded one thing... obama= good quotes. there were many quotes that i liked from that speech so don´t be suprised if i use them from now on. one of them is: some of the most succesfull people in the world are probably the ones that had more failures in their lifes. i really liked that one because it´s true! if you don´t fail it means you didn´t try and if y ou didn´t try it means you´ll never ever succed!!! another thing i liked from this speech is that from all the speeches i´ve heard this is the less boring one... i was actually able to listen to all of it without falling asleep! now i actually kind of appreciate school, if i was a good writer i would never find out if my teacher doesn´t give me a writting assigment to turn in.

Juan Francisco
9/21/2009 11:44:04 am

Hi Mr. Griffith I saw President Obama's speech. I really liked that he talks about his lfe and how he was poor had a really hard life but never gave up. That is really inspiring because he worked hard and was able to succeed. Right now he is the first black President the united states has ever had. I think that what he did was really impresive so if he a person that hadnothing becae president why can't we that have a lot become good and workfull citizens.

Michelle H. 8-1
9/21/2009 11:49:19 am

Hi, Mr. Griffith,
I watched Obama´s video in which he talked about the importance of education, it seemed very complex and intresting for me.It called my attention when he said that in the future when you want to become a doctor or whatever you wouldnt be able to accomplished it without the education they give us in school. It seemed harsh for him when he had to wake up at 4 30 in the morning to take clases with his mom, but now I realize that all that effort comes to a good end, as going to a good university or follow the career you want to accomplish. When he said that his father had died when he had the age of only 2 years old it made me realize how lucky I have of having all my family members alive.In my opinion this was a great speech because it seems Obama is a very convincing person which could help many kids to put their best in their education. Even though there are rough times in life you learn to mannage them and continue with your life.This speech made me think of many things.

Katina Robles 8-4
9/21/2009 12:44:51 pm

Dear Mr Griffith,
I really thought the speech was inspirational. Obama is very right; althought we really arE the future and we need to build the future. This speech really inspired me and I usually bored with speeches but Obama's speeches don't and him making one about education is really great because everything he says is true! It made me realize many thing I hadn't before. If you find more speeches from him, put them in there!

Camila L. 8-2
9/21/2009 12:53:46 pm

I really enjoyed watching this video because it made me realize that I have a very good oportunity if I take advantage of it, to become succesful. It also made me realize that I cant give up in myself because that would be shameful. Then he talked about putting the best effort into things and that really inspired me to do as he told us to do.
Camila L. 8-2

sebastian w 8 -2
9/21/2009 02:00:23 pm

I liked the way Obama speaked, he was clear and gave the message he wanted to give. He had a clear point that all kids had to study hard and fail to reach to success. It is not easy to be successful but i liked the part when he told that even if everyone gave up on you that you should never give up on yourself. This speech was really inspiring and helped me realize I have to take advantage of every opportunity I have.

Anastasia 8-5
9/21/2009 02:16:13 pm

mr.griffith i watched the video and my perspective of Obama changed. I liked how he encouraged his audience by telling about his past. I admire him and his mom because getting up at 4:00 a.m. Is really a merit and look at the results now, he governs the one of the most powerfull country in the world!! Maybe i disagree with the part that he interupts our dreams but if you dream BIG your dreams may come true. Anyways he has sent us the message that reminds us about how lucky we are to have an adequate education and that we the kids, are the FUTURE!!

Stephany 8-1
9/21/2009 02:50:18 pm

Hi Mr. Griffith,

I just watched both videos of Obama's speech. To be honest with you, I really liked it. I liked it because he showed enthusiasm when he was saying that to all the audience. He Told his point of view of when he was a kid and now. He also told the audience about his childhood. I really liked how he showed respect to all the audience. Maybe if someone else instead of him was talking about that he/she would've said it in a bad way to make other people feel bad. Another thing i liked was that he wasn't really doing that just because he wanted to look good and to let people think he's a really good president. He did it because he really wanted to change and encourage all the audience to keep on and have a successful life. I think that Obama's speech was really a good way to encourage people to study hard to have a good job.

Marisa 8-4
9/21/2009 03:39:04 pm

Mr. Griffith,
Obama's speech was very inspirational,he really made his point and gave examples and understood the situation we are in, under pressures and struggles. He was right when he said that it's not as easy as dropping put of school and get a job, you need to work for what you want. I also liked what he said about no excuses, if you want to learn then you'll forget about everything around you, do your homework and turn it in on time,and "where you are now, doesn't determine were you'll end up". I also really liked when he said that it OK if you dont succed the first time you try something, like michael jordan and the harry potter example. VERY VERY GOOD SPEECH

Daniela 8-4
9/21/2009 03:41:49 pm

Dear Mr. Griffith
Hello I watched the speech that Obama gave to students in the USA. I really liked how he encouraged us to be good at school and like take school seriusly. I also like how he used himself as an example to encourage because that really helps people take him as an example because he is the president. I really liked this speach and I think it will really help students to be better at school.

Ryan S 8-3
9/22/2009 05:42:19 am

Hi Griffith...

I actually really liked the speech from Obama, I like how he speeks. I also learned some really important stuff for life like for example that I need to take school very seriously because it's gonna help me alot in life. Also that even if you can't buy very fancy stuff and all, you can work hard in school and succeed in life. OK bye

Salvador A. 8-4
9/22/2009 08:15:38 am

Hey Griffith,
I am impresed that Obama had to wake up too early to get all the education he needed. He had a very rough childhood, but look him now, he is the president of the USA. I agree with him when he said that any work needs effort, and that no matter what your financial situation is, your opportunities to become succesful are the same as someone rich. I also like that he gave examples of other people, example: michael jordan not entering the team, j.k. rowling having her book rejected. He also gave examples of his life. His speech was very interesting.

alejandro hernandez 8-5
9/22/2009 09:47:14 am

hello mr. grifith i saw the video of obama and were he talk about the importance of education. something that will help in the future will be that i need to take school realy seriusley becouse it is not a joke.

9/22/2009 10:23:23 am

I think that president Obama is right about social problems not becoming school problems. I think that, like he said, our education is the most important thing in us changing the world. I agree that we should follow the lead of Obama's friends that had difficult lives and still made it because school is seperate from everything else and it's important.

Jean Luc van
9/22/2009 10:45:38 am

I saw the of Obama to the kids at the school. I think it was really good because he told that you dont need to quit school because you are also quiting your country. I also like it because he told that we should pursuit our dreams and dont quit. I like it alot now I am gonna put more effort on school.

Joseph F.
9/22/2009 10:57:27 am

Hi Mr Griffith I found Obama's speach was very interesting and inspirating to all students around the world. I agree with president's Obama speach, because it makes you think about your future and the life you are going to have. I liked when Obama said that in whatever job you are in it will be hard for you and that school helps you a lot to be prepared for the future. You also need to try your best in school because it is your ticket for your future and for your family. I really thank you for posting this video for all of us because ir is really important what the president of the United States of America said to all the children. AND SOMETHING ELSE: NO JOBS ARE EASY!

Che Youn 8-2
9/22/2009 10:57:52 am

Hi Mr. Griffith :D
i think its a good idea that Obama is making a good "future" for other students in united states. I think his speech is really interesting i like the fact in wich he said that the work needs alot of effort.
Btw,(by the way) i say Ryan's comment and he is not 8-3... he is 8-2
well bye =.=

Rodrigo C. 8-5
9/22/2009 11:01:21 am

I liked the speech very much Mr. Griffith. I like all the example he gives to motivate students. like that your going to be the future of your country. Also I liked that he said that to be successful in anything, you need to be good at school. Also he mentioned some famous people that even though they are successful, they made some mistakes like learn from your mistakes. I think he really did motivate some students to be better this year

Jose Antonio Weymann 8-5
9/22/2009 11:18:14 am

Hey griff

Obama is a very good speaker he has this way of talking to conservatives and liberals young and old etc. I see why this speech is so controversial they are int he middle om the health care reform poor guy living between threats and critics

Jackie 8-4
9/22/2009 11:37:25 am

When i finished waching the video i realized that we are fortunate kids to have a school to go to. But some of us dont make our best effort. We have so many different oportunities in life, when we work hard and have good grades at school. I really enjoyed Obamas spech because it showed me that school helps alot in life. When we quit school we are quiting a really important job that we can earn, to help our country.
Now on i wil try to make an effort of 100% in school.

juan marco botran 8-5
9/22/2009 11:40:27 am

hi griffith i think obama is a very good speaker. i think he is correct in saing that we shouldnt let down our country. so that made me think that i should start doing better at school and trying to have a good atitud always. i was impresed about what he said about going to lear at 4 am because that made me think that if he could do it better because i dont weak up at 4 am y weak up at 6 am and i rest a lot so i should start to considerate that i have to put my best effort at school to be wealthy at the future.

Jaime S.
9/22/2009 12:12:28 pm

Grifith: I've always admired president Obama's speeches and this was no exception. I like how he gives examples that every kid now a day can relate to. Another part that really caught my attention was when he quoted Michael Jordan, "i have failed over and over and over again in my life and that's why i succeed". After this inspirational and motivating speech I will most definitely try harder and exploit this gift of having a good education and the advantage of having a good family and house.

Ou Suk Kwon 8-3
9/22/2009 12:25:12 pm

hi Mr. griffith !! the speech was really good, even though it was long :p. I think he is completly right about what he said in his speech,because it is true that we shouldn't get down in our education in sense of doing our homework without any effort,paying no attention to the teacher or getting in trouble with other classmates. so in my opinion we should follow him for the good of our future.

Benjamin B
9/22/2009 12:50:55 pm


After listening the speech i wrote my paragraph, when finishing.. my bad luck.. something weird happened to the post and it was erased everything i wrote. Entering to the obama speech, i really liked what he talked about and it really inspired me even though i am not an american. I feel obama is a very intelligent person by the words he chose in his speech. It was sad to hear that obama's dad left home when obama was two years old. I liked that he spoked about Michael Jordan, we all know him by his achievement, but what we didn't all knew was that he was rejected in his high school basketball team. That is impresed me because from not being accepted to probably being the world's history best basketball player. I am sure MJ achieved all this because he never gave up and he went after his dream threw many years. It is impressing to know that Harry Potter's first noble was rejected up to twelve times. We all know Harry Potter's book right know and it is probably the most selled noble. Obama's speech really inspired myself to be a better person each day and to respect my classmates and friends as I respect anyone else. I really enjoyed Obama's speech, and I know that last week I told you that those speechs were boring, but know I was surprised by his speech and the message he send all the american kids and all the world that hears that speech as well that I am hearing it.

Benjamin 8-3

Gaby T 8-3
9/22/2009 12:58:37 pm

Hey mr griffiht!! i just finished watchinf mr. obamas speeches and thought he has a really good point! This video made me think that school is very important and depends on how well yo do. With doing good in school will bring you later to a better life and getting better jobs. Obama i think gave a really strong message to all kids and especially telling us that even though you come from a poor family, and growing up having a sad life.... that you can do it if you believe in yourself and put effort on what you want in life~~

Isabella C. 8-4
9/22/2009 01:20:30 pm

Hey Mr. Griffith!
i just finished watching Obama's speech and i liked it a lot. i think Obama is a great public speaker and he can transmit messages easily. I found that this speech was very inspirational. it made me think about things i hadn't really given much thought to before, like how you can't succeed if you haven't failed. i found the michael jordan and harry potter examples very interesting, i didnt know about that. i think Obama is totally right. you need to work hard and believe un yourself, and most importantly never give up. I thoughth this speech was really interesting!
Isabella C. 8-4

Sangwoo S. 8-3
9/22/2009 01:40:16 pm

hi mr. Griffith,
When I herd Obama's speech I found it very interesting. I think this speech was the thing that made people vote for him.The very good way he explained and talked made me think that he could be a good president after all.

Juan Manuel b 8-5
9/22/2009 01:43:26 pm

WOW! This video was very good and i really enjoyed it. I think it was really supportive and that it was enthusiastic. But do you think that he wrote it? I think it was other poeple but maybe he did it. It was very interesting how he talked like if was talking only to you so that you really do hear him.

Amani M. 8-1
9/22/2009 01:53:13 pm

Hey Mr.Griffith! Watching Obamas speech changed my way of thinking of school. After watching it I can see how important it is going to school and actually learning something everyday since school is the base of my life. I can make a difference in my country just by going to school and learning. I can see how lucky i am and that i really have the chances to be superior in my life, helping others who don´t have the same opportunities that I do. I am thankful to because Obama´s mom could only teach him at 4 am and I am always complaining that school starts to early, however now i am glad it starts at 7:30 am. If Obama didn´t have all the opportunities as i did and could still be a successful men in life than i think i can be a successful girl in life since i have many tools to get ready for my life. I will go with a more positive attitude to school from now on!

Hyungum 8-3
9/22/2009 03:07:42 pm

Hyungum 8-3
9/22/2009 03:11:51 pm

hi griffith ... the speech of obama was really interesting i liked when he told some examples and stories about the kid in LA and texas because i reflected by thinking that many people want to go to school but some dont have the money or some have to put lots of effort to go in a was funny when he said his mom had to teach him at 4 morning....... i liked it because it had lots of enthusiasm and made it fun to listen.

Alexandra B. 8-3
9/22/2009 10:22:00 pm

Hi Mr. Griffith;

wow.. what a perfect speech of him. I liked how he tells us experiences that he has lived through his life, and that he is just not only telling us to study hard and to get good grades but, he is encouriging us..! I think that after hearing his speech I will be more concern about my education.. He commented that his mom was very hard working, and that he could not go to a good school, but both of them made an extra hard effort to wake up at 4 am in the morning and his mom would teach him somethings.. Another thing I liked about it was that he NEVER read his speech he just talked to the audience.. and that for me is one of the most important characteristics in a ¨speech person.¨

maricarmen h. 8-3
9/23/2009 12:59:35 am

Hi Mr. Griffith,
I thought Obama[s speech was great. I like the message and i was surprised that Obama lived such a hard life. I din[t know he lived in Indonesia. I liked the speech a lot and i was very touched by it. I really think he will be a good president (at least better than Bush/Colom).

Alejandro 8-2
9/23/2009 02:10:54 pm

Dear Mr griffith I liked in part the speech and in part I dont because by saying almost nobody will be a basketball player or something else he is destrying childrens dream. I like it because he inspires us with many examples of his life like he woke up at 4:30 just to study that is inspiring bye thanks.

Paula Ibarguen 8-2
9/23/2009 11:32:21 pm

I am one of those many people who very strongly dislike president Barack Obama. Not only do I disagree with him politically, but I also simply don't like him. But I do beleive that the speech he gave to students is a great idea. I also liked how he motivated students to start taking shool seiously because they are the once who are responsible for the future.

Jose Antonio weymann
10/4/2009 10:26:58 am

Short Story

Arnold had the typical cubicle job, drove a small almost pathetic car and lived alone in the most monotonous and minimalistic apartment in manhatan; he was a "SQUARE" . He´s day was a routine: 8:00 breakfast, 8:30 work ´´till 12 o clock he ate a whole grain bread sandwich with out border letuce no tomato and ham, with no cheese. Arnold was the living joke for the others that work at contability. One day the level coordinator decided to get married and invited every one to the local sportsbar but it was a prank for Arnold , immediatly after he arrived everyone started laughing at him and throwing stuff at him butt one woman in the place, her name was alice he took him out from the embarrasing scene and took him to the neerest convinience store for a coffee and some donuts; the clerk told thet with every coffee a lottery ticket came,

" buy it Arnold this might be your lucky day" said alice

"O.K. you´re right" said Arnold

after there scratching the tacky appearence lotto ticket their it said: YOU ARE THE LUCKY WINNER OF 5,000,000,00 DOLLARS. He almost fainted, screeming and chhering both went out of the convinience store when BAM! af lashing light going like a bullet, scraps going through the air and the corpses of Arnold and Alice were left on the ground.


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