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10/29/2009 07:57:48 am

SEbastian busto 8-5
10/29/2009 08:00:39 am

Mr.griffith I couldent enter to the web site I click on it and it dosents go and I also go to edline and copy it andy dosent enter to the website.

Thanks sebas

isabella A. 8-5
10/30/2009 01:01:50 am

The article that I read was the Holocaust. I think that it is very sad and it is very unfair for the Jews to suffer a big caos. The Holocaust wore such UGLY uniforms and I also thought they were pajamas!! well I am just saying that it is a very disgraceful way to treat the Jews

Chih Chun T.
10/31/2009 12:42:37 pm

The article I read was the "The Rescue of the Jews of Denmark." This is a article about the Danish people using help from local Danish people and from the government to save the Jewish and taking the to Sweden which was neutral at that time. At he end Denmark had the highest Jewish survival rate.

In my opinion the Denmark government should be awarded and thanks to them so much Jews had survived the Holocaust.

Chih Chun T. 8-4
10/31/2009 12:43:02 pm

marcela A. 8-5
10/31/2009 01:47:45 pm

For this blog I entered to the we site and decided to learn about the children, I thought it was the most interesting. It is incredible tat only 6% to 11% of the children actually survived the concentration camps. Compared to the 33% percent of the adult jews who survived the childrens' population was way smaller. I also though it was interesting that most of the kids who survided, made it, because tey were hidden in catholic schools or other places. For example there was a picture taken from 2 little jew boys, one looked more "jew" than the other but for the people not to notice, the nun scratched out the boy who looked more "JEw". These are some things I learned with this blog :)
-MARCE A. 8-5! :)

Sergio Rivera 8-5
11/1/2009 01:14:16 am

Mr.Griffith i couldnt find the videos in the internet. i entered to the holocaust encyclopedia in i learned that the holocaust was against the jews. that happened when germany had a lot of power. the germans didnt like the jews so they started to kill them. the jews were sent to consentration cmps were they sometimes they were killed and they worked a lot. the holocaust looks and was very sad.

Diego D. 8--5
11/1/2009 09:26:15 am

Hello Mr. Griffith,
I entered to the website and saw in the website gallery and saw some pictures about the holocaust army. I realized that during that time the Jews were badly treated by the Nazis. I saw that people on that time were scared by Hitler. The army he had was enormous. also in the propaganda there were different themes but as always helping the nazis.

Ana julia R.
11/1/2009 09:54:48 am

Hi Mr. griffith,
On the website, i chosed to learn more about the concentration camps. I realized that the time of the holocaust has been horrible and many people suffered alot during that time. Specially Jews that some where obliigated to go to concentration camps. It's so painful there cause you get burned and they do many things to you that makes you suffer. I agree with daniela d. because i also think it is interesing to learn everything about the past and about the revolution. This has been very interesting to learn about it, and i hope my classmates also enjoy it and agree with me.

Marcos Vielman 8-5
11/1/2009 11:19:05 am

Hi Mr. Griffith
On the website I saw some people in concentration camps and I think what germans did was horrible and the didn´t realize that what their were doing was inhumain. Also I saw the one of the olimpics and I can´t belive they would host olimpic games on a country where somthig like this was happening and no one notice it and what bad moment to host olimpic games. Also I want to agree with Isabella Arevalo because she said that the Jews whore horrible cloth in the camps like germans thought they were all the same I think Hitler judged badly the Jews like there where animals at last I just hope it doesn´t happen again.

Juan Manuel b 8-5
11/1/2009 11:36:04 am

Hi Mr. Griffith, I read the article abaut the nazi olimpics. I think that Hitler made a very good strategy by sponsoring the olimpics before letting know that he was racist because that way he gained the faith of the german poeple. I also was thinking of what Marcela said that the boy that looked less jew got saved from concentration capms.

juan marco botran 8-5
11/1/2009 11:47:44 am

hi i couldn't see the video but i read the description and i learned that when they where on the camps they all used the same colored close and that each person had a different number to identify them.

ana paula lucas
11/2/2009 07:43:04 am

hello mr griffith! how are you? When I clicked on the Holocaust links, nothing appeared. It said that the website no longer exists. thank you!

Sammy Chang
11/2/2009 08:12:37 am

I read the article of Anne Frank the Writer:and Unfinished story. This tells me a little more about what she did during the war. in the Annex she was hiding in with her family, she would write fairy tales, short stories, essays, and the begginings of a novel.

During the war, there were very strict rules; such as Jews could only shop between 3:00 and 5:00, they had to be indoors by 8:00. all Jews had to wear a yellow star, and were forbidden to drive. Nazis were putting up many Anti-Jew Restrictions. That's so unfair!

Jenifer 8-1
11/2/2009 09:42:35 am

Hey Mr.Griffith I listen to the video "Voices from the Lodz Ghetto" The German invaded a town called Lodz, and they took all of the jew and put them in a ghetto. When thye jews where in that place the germasn will starvce them to death, and do expiriment on them so they could kill them all, but there was this guy called Mr. Rumkowsi and he helped them he provideed, hospitals, food, schools,and shlter to help, but there was this other guy named hans Biewbow that supervised the jews and he was very mean and he took all their valuable, and important things and he killed a lot of Jews.

Debbie Porres 8-5
11/2/2009 11:26:28 am

Mr. Griffith,
The Article I read was called "The First Concentration Camps". In Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1945, concentration camps were an integral feature of the regime.The first concentration camps in Germany were established as soon as Hitler came to power, on January of 1933. Then German authorities established camps all over Germany. The concentration camps were camps in which people are detained or confined, usually under harsh conditions and without regard to legal norms of arrest and imprisonment that are acceptable in a constitutional democracy. Later, from 1933-1934 they established larger camps in Oranienburg, north of Berlin; Esterwegen, near Hamburg; Dachau, northwest of Munich; and Lichtenburg, in Saxony. Imagine how fast they built so many concentration camps in many different places! It was horrible.

Jaime R 8-2
11/3/2009 06:01:12 am

hi mr. Griffith. I learned about the denial of the holocaust. I saw it is a form of antisemitism. USA can't prohibit people to stop denial and to stop doing nazi propaganda because of freedom of speech but in france and germany, anyone doing something of the kind is put in jail. Having said this, most of the ways denial of the holocaust is promoted is via internet. I think this should stop.

Alejandro Corrales 8-2
11/3/2009 06:54:07 am

Hi MR. Griffith I had problems goetting on the web site But I finally could I learned that in the concentration camps nazis would mark the jews with numbers. I also learned that nazis bould lie to jews by telling them to go wash but the jews were going to be killed also they lied them wwhen the nazis told jews to get on the trucks to go work but they would burn them. Sad isnt it but it happened. I always think what if the jews would have been warned.

alejandro hernandez
11/3/2009 07:20:25 am

hello mr. grifith i was reading about the concentration camps, i think that these people were relly bad to the jews, one of the things that i read was that they put them numbers to identyfy them. an other thing i learn was they used the same color of cloth.

Luigi 8-1
11/3/2009 07:57:05 am

mr. griffith i read the website of state Of Deception: Nazi Propaganda

this was about how the NAZIS focused their propaganda with the german kids so it helped the campain with the young the kids were won over through extra curricular activities.

Esteban Lara 8-1
11/3/2009 08:44:41 am

I was watching the gallery of Nazi propaganda and it says a lot about the jews being responsible about the war and that they are very bad people who are doing bad things.

Jessica Escobar 8-3
11/3/2009 09:09:16 am

Hi Mr. Griffith how are you? I was just passing through to tell you that I read the story about Life After the Holocaust, Stories of the Holocaust survivors after the war, and it was about how were the people feeling about having all that memories of the Nazis looking for all the remaining jews to kill in the concentration camps, remembering how they watch their own families died right in front of their eyes and it also said that almost all the remaining survivors because of the still panic they have they emmigrated to the USA because they do not want to continue suffering.Ok see ya tomorrow!

Christa W. 8-3
11/3/2009 09:35:07 am

HI Mr. Griffith
I read the article called "The First Concentration Camps". In the nazi Germany, between the years of 1933 and 1945, concentration camps were very important.The first concentration camp in Germany was established the very second Hitler came to power on January 1933. Then the Germann authorities put camps all over Germany. Pople were put in concentration camps because they were jews or just because they were of and "inferior" race. They were put to work under harsh conditions and with no regard to legal norms of arrest and imprisonment, which are acepted in a constitunional democracy. after that they put bigger camps in north berlin,near hamburg, norwest of munich and in Lichtenburg, in Saxony. They built all these concentrations camps in so many places in a very short period time.I believe that that was wrong, to imprision people as if they were animals, who does that? oh right... the nazis did.But we shall never forgett, so we don´t make the same mistakes again.

Alexandra B.
11/3/2009 09:35:18 am

Hey Mr.Griffith, I saw a video called the ¨Auschwitz through the lens of the SS: Photos of Nazi leadership at the camp¨ It talks about a woman who recieved an album from one of the highest ranking concentrationt camp officer. One friend of her had it and called her and wanted her to have it. That officer from the camp ¨Auschwitz¨ never labeled his name in none of the pictures he had in his album. He is the one person that most appears in the album, thats why she thinks he is the owner. It shows pictures from the beginging of the concentration camp, all the way to the end...(pictures of a funeral) In many pictures he appears laughing and having an awsome time with some of his working pears. I do not know how a human being can be having an awsome time while they are killing thousands and thousands of inoccent people. She and me just don´t seem to understand it.

I also read Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals, what caused me to read this article is what you said in class, you said, this article in fact, is very inetresting. I think that the Nazis had a very harsh idea on also ¨curing¨ germany from homosexuals. In fact i agree with the Nazis because i do not like the fact of homosexuals, but i thik that the Naziz had no right to torture and kill the homosexulas as they did.


Alexandra B 8-3
11/3/2009 09:36:03 am

Hey Mr.Griffith, I saw a video called the ¨Auschwitz through the lens of the SS: Photos of Nazi leadership at the camp¨ It talks about a woman who recieved an album from one of the highest ranking concentrationt camp officer. One friend of her had it and called her and wanted her to have it. That officer from the camp ¨Auschwitz¨ never labeled his name in none of the pictures he had in his album. He is the one person that most appears in the album, thats why she thinks he is the owner. It shows pictures from the beginging of the concentration camp, all the way to the end...(pictures of a funeral) In many pictures he appears laughing and having an awsome time with some of his working pears. I do not know how a human being can be having an awsome time while they are killing thousands and thousands of inoccent people. She and me just don´t seem to understand it.

I also read Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals, what caused me to read this article is what you said in class, you said, this article in fact, is very inetresting. I think that the Nazis had a very harsh idea on also ¨curing¨ germany from homosexuals. In fact i agree with the Nazis because i do not like the fact of homosexuals, but i thik that the Naziz had no right to torture and kill the homosexulas as they did.


Mariana Beltranena
11/3/2009 09:44:46 am

mariana Beltranena
11/3/2009 09:58:08 am

HEY Mr.Griffith,
The video I saw was called "Auschwitz". This concentration camp was huge! It had extermination, concentration and forced job camp. I am glad that I was not born yet back then. Realizing that if you were an adult in those times with small children, how hard was to tell them that it was going to be fine when really is not. How hard was to hold that pain for a long time. Also I am lucky because I haven't felt the real hunger or the real exhaustion they felt. So what I think, is that what the Nazi's did was unnecessary because they never felt what they felt.

karl robert jacobs 8-5
11/3/2009 11:06:17 am

Mr Griffithe I was looking at the website and the propaganda section IInterested me what interested me was that evean kids posted the propaganda That is realy amazing that eaven the kids hated jews that much.

Mariana Botran
11/4/2009 04:45:35 am

Hey Mr.Griffith! just so you know you are sitting in front of me :) jaja..

I just watched a video about this little girl named Lola. It was during the Holocaust and that Lola had to hide in a hole in the ground. Her father was punched to death by the Germans and her mother was killed while walking to work. It was only Lola and her grandmother, so her grandmother told her to escape from the ghetto and wait for a woman that will tell her what to do. So then Lola hid in a hole someone dug, shared by 4 other people. it was very hard for her but the only thing that reminded her of real life, was the dress she wore for seven months inside that hole that her mom had sewed for her. After watching this story, i was shocked. I think that this is a very shocking story because a little girl had to face tragedies and lonlyness that many, many people dont face ever in their lives. Also, that poor little girl she had nowhere to go and no one wanted to take her with them. It also says, that Lola was a very brave little girl that actually survived this tragic time and still kept the dress and moved on from that situation. I liked this story a lot and it is very very sad and shocking.

Gaby Gottlib 8-2
11/4/2009 04:52:10 am

Hi Mr. Griffith! I am in front of you! jaja... I just watched the video called Silent Witness... I think that for Lola it was very had to live in those times... (Not only for Lola but too for the other Jewish kids and people in the Holocaust... After her mom and dad died her only close family was her grandmother... After her grandmother told her to escape form the ghetto. Lola after lived 7 months in a whole with other people. The only cloth she had was the one she was wearing, which was a dress her mother did for her... That was Lola's story. After that I watched this video I am really sad and shocked because of what happened to her. If the only thing that remanded me of my mom was a dress I would preserve that dress like she did... That is what I think of the video that I saw!

Paula Ibarguen 8-2
11/4/2009 06:33:56 am

Hey Mr. Griffith! The article that I read was about propaganda and how it was used negativley by the Nazis during the time of the Holocaust. Well the article pasicly explained what was propaganda and if whether or not it was succesful. In my opinion propaganda was one of the vital elements that allowed Adolf Hitlers political party to win. I also beleive that it was because of propaganda that Hitler was able to maintain under a low profile all the concentration camps. What I mean by this is that many people in Germany were not aware of all the brutal things they were committing against not only the Jews but to all the other type of ethical groups. So Hitler made videos which were of course 100% lies (which were shown to the Germans) that said how the concentration camps were a fun place with cafes and park. And of course we all now that is a lie! In conclusion propagando has benn the secret weapon to succes for many positive and negatice (hilter & other socialist parties ;))to become succesful.

Ching Chi Tu 8-2
11/4/2009 06:55:26 am

Mr. Grifffith,
The article that I read was about all the concentration camps and how there were diffrent types of concentration camps, all for a diffrent purpose. Also, I agree with mariana bel. that the Auschwitz concentration camp at Poland was ENORMOUS!!! Just imagine how many people fit in there and how many die everyday in it. Something that interest me was a type of knife that a woman called Yona made to cut her daily rational bread in half so that she extended it. And to make a long story short it was very cool and interesting.

Jose Javier F
11/4/2009 06:56:30 am

Hi Griffith, I couldn't find videos, so I read the articlle of kristallnacht. It is unbelievable that "people" would do such atrocities. Even though kristallnacht was nothing compared to the actual hollocaust it is amazing that people could kill, rob, wound, etc. othe people just because a wicked man sent them to. It is also inhumane to burn somebody's religious temple. It was really a sad piece of history.

Brian Lee 8-1
11/4/2009 07:56:57 am

the video that i watched is called,'Give me your children' this video is about the Nazis movement. It talks about different documents and facts that have been found.

Javier Mendez 8-2
11/4/2009 08:03:01 am

The article that I read was called Father Jacques. It was very interesting because I think that Father Jacques was a very good person because he tried to help every jewish child that was going to be sent to a concentration camp or that their family was sent there. He helped a lot of children and help them be happy and have a good life. Even though he died in a concentration camp, he saved a lot of people from dying there too.

Jose Andres Chavez 8-2
11/4/2009 08:12:02 am

Hello Mr. Griffith the article that I read was Anne Frank An unfinished story.It was a resume of Anne fRANKS life which I found very nice way. It was a video which showed pic and the only video of Anne. In it was explained how she got her dairy, about love,jew laws and family. But I mainly talked about hidding.

Maria Elisa Vanegas 8-2
11/4/2009 08:18:11 am

dear mr. griffith,

I saw the video of Anne Frank.I really liked it and considere it really sad and interesting. Anne has a really elegant language to be the age she is. It is really descriptict when she says all what she packed for going into hiding. Anne is an exelent writer since it maintain me busy hearying all her true stories.


Daniela Morales Leonhardt 8-2
11/4/2009 08:23:04 am

Mr. Griffith:

I saw the Anne Frank podcast. I found it really impressive and I really liked it. I was really impressed with the way she wrote, it was a much higher level than i expected it to be, especially for a thirteen-year-old. It was also very sad in my opinion... for a girl so good and nice and smart, she really didn't deserve to get what she did; or any Jew, for that matter. I especially loved the story she made up about the rose and the bluebeell. It was very sincere and such an inoscent story.

Juan Pablo W.
11/4/2009 08:25:40 am

Hello Mr. Griffith, the video I saw was the holocaust. I think that to treat people in such a way as the Germans treated the Jews is so uncivilized that it makes me think what kind of uncivilized and inhuman behavior was thrown upon the Jews who did nothing to deserve it. I think that there is no reason to treat someone that way. I also agree with Isabella A. and Marcos V. that their outfits do look like pajamas.

See you in class.

Nari Choi 8-1
11/4/2009 08:33:35 am

Hi Mr. Griffith,
I saw "LIFE IN SHADOWS: HIDDEN CHILDREN AND THE HOLOCAUST". It was about how children and jews got killed. Did you know that six million European Jews were killed in the Holocaust and more than one million of them were children? i was really impressed when i knew that. Many of the Jews survived because they were hidden somewhere where the Nazis couldn't see them. Most of the Jews hidden were children i got really shocked when I knew that. I think this was a video that attracked me a lot.

Christian 8-3
11/4/2009 09:09:16 am

Ana Cristina A.
11/4/2009 09:12:00 am

Hey Mr. Griffith, I read: Life in shadows. It was shoking knowing that six million people died after the war beacause of the holocaust and that more than one million of them were chidren!! Fortunatelly some Jewish people survived, but only because they were hidden and couldnt discover the outer world. I believe they were hidden like Anne Frank and hey family; and the neither could go out of the atic and just wish the war would end so they could be free again.

Alo G 8-4
11/4/2009 09:16:43 am

Hi. Mr Griffith. I read in the Holocaust Museum the Nazi Camps. They where impressively interesting but they where a massacre. They had gas chambers to kill jews and killed up to 6,000 jews a day!!!! They murdered about three million jews. And they where also forced to do hard labor and they where treated like if there where not human. I hope this type of things wont happen again in the world.

Have a nice day. Alo

Juan Diego Guzmán 8-2
11/4/2009 09:41:22 am

I read Silent Witness The story Of Lola Rein and her dress. This story shows one of the examples of the many children that suffered and lost their parents during the war. Lola had only one reminder of "normal" life and her mom. It is really sad how these children couldn't live with a healthy mind or like children but they lived with the memory of the war and all the suffering they lived through and for example some people like Lola didn't end suffering after the war but continued to suffer in the streets begging for food and shelter she was a little girl with no one to protect her she had to mature before she was ready to be an adult she had to look after her self because she was unwanted and alone.

Tomas Castillo
11/4/2009 09:44:49 am

Hi Mr. Griffith i read in the holocaust Museum like my friend alo up there Nazi Camps and i now alitle bit of this and it so sad that they kill Jewes in a very horrible way they killed 6,000 jewes a day and that is prety big but i hope also that this type of things never happen again

Tomas Castillo (-4
11/4/2009 09:45:15 am

11/4/2009 09:47:11 am

Sup. Hey mr. Griffith i read about the deadly medicine. i couldn't understand it but i would tell my opinion. That in the future there won't be no perfect human. That's a stupid question. Cause nobody in the present isn't perfect and nobody will be perfect in the future.

Christian 8-3
11/4/2009 10:10:54 am

Hi Mr Grifith I read the article named Kristallnacht: The November 1938 Programs. It for me seemed horrible.
The nazis destroy by horrible ways the Sinagoques(religuos temple), Jewish buisness and homes.It is amazing how they rob, kill and many more to jewish people.

Richie 8-2
11/4/2009 10:16:44 am

Mr griffith I couldn´t look at your website because when i click it doesn´t show it to me so I investigated in other websites. It was horrible for the jews and it is a fact the will always remember.I cant believe they marked with a number every jew they killed imagine how many numbers. Also they all used the same clothing which i think was strange. Because i couldn´t enter I asked a friend what podcasts thier were so i aslo investigated anne frank. I cant believe how the germans couldn´t find th room at the back of the house. In her diary you could see their weren´t only bad people. the family which lend the franks that little room to hide was very nice and they knew the consequences for hiding jews. The only one of the franks that survived was the father which later came back to the hiding place and Miep Gies one of the fammily who helped the gave him Anne Frank´s diary which I think was well written and showed how really jews felt in the moment.

Thank you

Sebastian Wever 8 - 2
11/4/2009 10:28:14 am

Hey mr. Griffith ih heard/read the one of the Warsaw Ghetto when Abraham Lewent describes of how it looked like. From what I heard it was terrible, he said every day there were dead in the streets covered in newspaper or any blanket they found. He also said that the food was not enough and that many people died of hunger. I really think living in this condicions was not easy but many people struggled to survive and just some succeded.

Marcos Pinzon 8-4
11/4/2009 12:26:21 pm

Hey Mr.Griffith At first I wasnt sure of what article to read about until I came to one called "OSKAR SCHINDLER: AN UNLIKELY HERO". As I started reading it I figured out I had seen a movie about him. What I learned is that suprisinly he was a rich German that started to free Jews from the concentration camps. Since he was rich he bribed the german soldiers to let him take some Jews. He had this list called Schindler list were There were all the names of the Jews He had saved. He took the Jews to near his hometown Zwittau were he made a factory were all the Jews could work and get a better lifestyle until the war was done.Amazing isnt it? well that about it thaks for reading. sincerly MP.

11/4/2009 08:42:49 pm

Dear Mr. Griffith

I read a very interesting article on the website. It was about how the Swedish helped some Jews to get from Denmark to Sweden when Hitler started to arrest Jews. There was a story of a survivor. I couldn't see the video but I read what she said. The Swedish were dressed exactly like the Germans. They were very kind to the Jews. They gave them 1 week in a hotel so they could find a relative in Sweden. The website is great if you wanna learn about some things in the holocaust.

Benjamin Barnoya
11/5/2009 06:44:20 am

Hey Griff,

I heard the article named Warsaw Ghetto, it is unbelievable that humans can make that type of things to other humans. The words of Abraham Lewent were so sad. He described that every day there was at least 1 jew dead and that they covered them with blankets. It's incredible how just one person can influence on thousands of more. I hope that all of this of the Holocaust does not repeats again, it would be a tragedy

Benjamin B. 8-3
11/5/2009 06:44:59 am

Joseph F.
11/5/2009 07:47:33 am

Hi Mr. Griffith,

I went into this awesome website and I noticed lots of interesting facts about the holocaust (which came by a Greek origin which meant "sacrifice by fire"). I came up with some ideas about the holocaust and what I read. The nazi killed over 6 million Jews on concentration camps (if you see on the internet, pictures about these you are going to see horrifying images.)The nazi treated them like as if they were rats, like trash. Hitler was a wild man. Germans didn't only killed Jews, they also killed; Gypsies, Rome; Poles, Russians; homosexuals; etc. The germans killed two out of three Jews living in the countries. The germans also killed physically disabled people. After all of this I think that the nazis were killed very brusquely because of what they had done.

Anaite s 8-3
11/5/2009 07:53:50 am

Mr Griffith I saw the video of "Auschwitz" the album had pictures that for me were of "Auschwitz"laughing when he was killing people and toturing them.she thought she thought he was the owner of the camp. I was really sad to see that inocent people got killed

Pedro J. 8-3
11/5/2009 08:13:24 am

Hi Mr Griffith. I read the article "Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals" and I think it's very interesting, but sad. First of all, it's very interesting because I didn't know about the homosexuals and that the nazis hated them. Something sad was that the nazis killed them for being homosexuals, and I think it's not right to do that because it's a gay right to be how they would like to be.

Delia 8-3
11/5/2009 08:22:35 am

i read an article called: give me your children, voices from the Lodz Ghetto. this article is about photographers, and how their photos transmit you messages. when i was watching the video I saw some pictures and I was very sad because some pictures were about children who were starving, and Jews that were treated very badly. It was very interesting but very sad. i liked that through pictures you can transmit stories and feelings, i think it is a cool way to understand the holocaust.

Jackie H 8-4
11/5/2009 08:31:26 am

Mr. Griffith, I went in "American Responses to the Holocaust". I thought it was very interesting to learn how the Americans fought at WW II during the 1940´s. It caught my attention that around 1000 Jews were taken by the american army to the U.S. as refugees, to be rescued and to restart their lifes in the U.S., helped by the american government.

isabella castillo 8-3
11/5/2009 08:53:20 am


john k. 8-3
11/5/2009 09:26:16 am

hello Mr. griffith i really liked the website that i visited since i got to realize how difficult it must have been for a thirteen year old girl to go into hiding. also i was surprised at her ability to write so nicely and clearly. i feel that today it would be difficult to find a boy or girl her age that would write like her. finally it is very sad that such a person with that ability was killed in the second world war. i am sure that many other gifted people probably perished this time due to the crazyness of the nazis.

Juan Roberto Alvarado
11/5/2009 09:29:50 am

Hello Mr Griffith, I watched the concentration camps video on the website. I realize how hard it must have been to be hunted by the nazis at that time. You or one of your family members could be killed. I saw that they killed about three million jews during WW2.

Juan Roberto Alvarado 8-4
11/5/2009 09:30:16 am

Virginia Garda, 8-1
11/5/2009 10:00:52 am

Hi Mr.Griffith, I read The Rescue Of The Jews Of Denmark article, and I found very interesting that when the Germans started deporting the Jews in 1943, the Danish police refused to cooperate and many ordinary people helped their Jewish neighbors flee to neutral Sweden. 7200 Jews were saved thanks to Denmark, and I think that it was very heroic many people risked their lives to help their fellow citizens.

Ryan S 8-2
11/5/2009 10:06:11 am

Hi Griffith,

I wathced the video of nazi olimpycs. I think that eventhough Hitler is a filthy man and I hate him with all my guts... you have to admit he was very smart. I say this because in this video, he managed to gain the trust of many germans by hosting the olympics before he started his rampage...
OK Bye

Sabrina R. 8-1
11/5/2009 10:09:05 am

Hi Mr. Griffith!
I chose to read about a concentration camp in Germany called "Buchenwald" This article talks about the war prisoners and how the Nazis took over thsi territory. All the soldiers in this camo, had to wear a striped hat and a striped uniform. This outfit reminds me of the book "The boy in the striped pyjamas". I haven´t seen the book, nor read it, but I somehow relates with one another. I can´t really see the pictures of the camp very clearly, however I can say that the Jewish people worked under terrible conditions and VERY harshly. This camp was one of the largest, established by th Nazis. Anyway, this article also talks about a visit Obama had to this camp in 2005. And how he recaps his great, uncle, who in 1945, worked at a nearby camp. he name of it was "Ohrdruf" and it was a labor camp. This camps were extremely huge and some of the photos show enphasizes the Holocaust´s worst point, the amount of soldiers that were killed!

Juan francisco
11/5/2009 10:55:05 am

Hi Mr. Griffith I chose to read about how Hitler gathered his troops and aranged them for battle. I found it intresting. It said how he conquered the places when and where it took place. Based on what I read I think Hitler was intellegent but he used it for the wrong reasons. With the intelligence he had he could have helped used that intelligence for good things. If he did that I think would now be recognized as a great man. Not as the killer he is known all over for.

Sang woo 8-3
11/5/2009 10:55:37 am

I read about the concentration camps. The Nazis were so violent at the innocent people. They made them use stripped hats and shirt and pants.One picture had many people killed, it looked horrible. They looked so sad, tired, and had a face expression that looked like if they didn't want to live. Poor people that had to live this moment. Thank God we were not there.

amani m. 8-1
11/5/2009 11:05:08 am

hi mr.grifftih
I watched a video from Anne Frank. I loved the story! She is so carrying and very smart. I learned many things and i feel lucky that i wasnt around during that time. Sometimes i wish i could be brave like her. She talked about so many important things like going into hiding and i think one of the worst things was that they couldnt make any noise from 8 am to 6pm. I enjoyed hearing her story.

Gaby Tyggum 8-3
11/5/2009 11:07:08 am

Hi mr griffith!
i saw the video anne frank the writter.. i thought it was a very good video.. but really left me with the thought of how she was able to hide... this video shows what she wrote in her diary and actually found it very interesting what her experiences were but also harsh. I enojoyed watching this video alot but now what i want to do is read the book!!
see you tomorrow!

Xristos D. 8-3
11/5/2009 11:12:10 am

HI!! Griffith! I could't see videos but of what I read was that HITLER the leader of the Nazis lied to the jews! that they would be sent to concentration camps, and they told them taht they would take a bath but they were intoxicated! The jews were some starved to death and the others were burned or intoxicated. Imagine that you have lived back then and you had little kids and you had to say them that everything was going to be all right even if you knew it was not!! Some jews realized what was happening but some didn't!!


Jose Zepeda 8-3
11/5/2009 11:47:25 am

Hi Mr.Griffith. I saw the video from Anne Frank the writer. After seing it i thought that it was a great video and it really describes the story about her in a very interesting way. But i wonder how she was able to hide from the natzi soldiers; she was very brave! I learn alot from this video...


11/5/2009 11:50:39 am

Julie B 8-1
11/5/2009 11:54:41 am

Hi! I read an article about how life was after the Holocaust ended. I watched an interview with one of the victims called Blanka Rothschild. She describes how her life changed completely after the tragedy. No one treated her with respect and she was looked upon as something inferior. I think this is very unfair, because everyone has the same rights, and every people should be treated equally. I can clearly see that Blanka felt so angry and hurt as people did not identify her as a human being. I liked the video a lot and could see more easily what all the victims suffered. BYE!

Anastasia S 8-5
11/5/2009 12:01:41 pm

hi Mr. Grffith!I had techical problems because when i clicked the link, it didn´t open... Anyways I watched on TV a documental about concentration camps. When Hitler got in power, concentration camps were build right away. I heard that they took many people to them even if they were not Jews. Unfortunately most of the people were Jews and that was absurd. To keep track of them they had a ¨tatooed¨number in a part of their body, generaly in the arm. Many people suffered there because they died of many things such as: illness,hunger,burned,liquidated and in many more painfull ways. In the camp, they could even separate you from your family and be kilometers apart and sometimes it was sad to never see tham again.In my opinion the Naziz, should had been the ones in those concentration camps and Germany should be ashamed of what they have caused through history

Cecilia A. 8-5
11/5/2009 12:03:26 pm

Mr griffit,
i decided to know about the concentration camps. It was horrible to know how they treated them. They had to do a lot of work adults and was so harsh to know that the old were killed because of desease they had or because they were burnt to death. Children had to work very hard and they were treated so badly it almost made me cry...they didn;t have that much food to eat and the soldiers treated them like a piece of junk....very few kids survived the hard times in the concentration camps....they had to wear ugly unirforms that other jew had used before them and they weren;t even washed so it was discusting to be in some old clothes...they had to work to sometimes build more houses because they didn;t have that much of space to live and sleep. They were so skinny it made me feel really bad for them...if they had a deseas the germans didn;t care and killed them or just let them die

hyungum kim 8-3
11/5/2009 12:12:10 pm

The Article I read was called "The First Concentration Camps". In Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1945.The first concentration camps in Germany were established as soon as Hitler came to power, on January of 1933.Later, from 1933-1934 they established biger camps in Oranienburg, north of Berlin; Esterwegen, near Hamburg; Dachau, northwest of Munich; and Lichtenburg, in Saxony.concentracion camps are places were people are arrested and lead to death! . They built so many concentration camps everywhere really fast!

Stephany C 8-1
11/5/2009 12:26:07 pm

I went to the online exhibition site and what most interested me was camps. I read about those camps and i didn't like one bit of it. If i were in that camp i would've died in less then one day. Without freedom i can't live and they had to live without freedom and work all the time. I wouldn't have survived. I saw a picture of all the Jews lined in order with their uniforms. I didn't like them at all they really looked like pijamas. That remembered me of the book called the boy in the striped pijamas. That book is very sad. I saw how all those Jews were drop dead on the floor while the soldiers looked at them. Those soldiers are stupid. I really don't think that how they treated the Jews was fair. I really disagree with them. And the ones that should have been killed were the Nazis not the Jews.

11/5/2009 12:38:34 pm

I couldnt find any videos so i read an about what the americans thought of the holocoust and it told that they thought that the holoscoust was horrible of what do they did to the people that they tortured and all of them thought that it was horrible. i think they are telling the correct thing because i am a person who also thoughts that it was really incorrect.

Miguel Woodham
11/5/2009 10:11:22 pm

I read something about Oskar schindler. I thought he was very interesting and though he was a womanizer and a drunk he was a very good and brilliant guy. I like the fact that he saved over 1000 jews in the times of the holocaust.

maricarmen h. 8-3
11/5/2009 11:03:46 pm

I read an article about Anne Frank. it was very sad that such a good writer died during the Holocaust :( i wonder what other important people died, and how different our world would be if the Holocaust hadn't happened. Bye Griffith!!!!!

Salvador A. 8-4
11/6/2009 07:07:22 am

I did not know where to find the video, so I read an article aout the concentration camps. They were used for force labor, and mostly extermination camps. In some camps, doctors even made experiments with the prisoners. People were also shot or gassed up. They had to wear the striped pijamas kind of clothes. The people were told that they were going to have a shower and that nothing would happen, but really they threw poison and chemicals, so all the Jews died. I think Nazis felt threatened and wanted to end and couldn't control all of the people, so they had to make concentration camps. Big cowards!

Camila L. 8-2
11/8/2009 06:32:51 am

Silent Witness: The story of Lola Rein and her dress
I read "Silent Witness: The story of Lola Rein and her dress" And I thought it was very unfair because a women took her in after her grandmother and mother had been murdered and hid her in a large hole with 3 other people which were selfish to her because of the space and resented her. I think this is very unfair because everyone wanted to survive. Also I think that Lola keeping that dress is very nice because its her only connection to her mother.

11/11/2009 08:11:14 am

Cristian B
11/11/2009 08:14:43 am

I liked alot this documentals and telled me a lot of what had happened on that times. I think the story of Anne Frank is very interesting and makes you feel you are there that you are on her shoes. And she gives very good detail of the events, this dairy she makes becomes very popular knowing she a girl from 13 years old how can her dairy can inpact so much people is amzint and impacting


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