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Ms. Davet
8/19/2009 03:35:21 am

Wow Mr. Grif, fantastic website. I wish I was as tech savy as you! Ms. Davet

Jose Javier 8-3
8/20/2009 08:06:07 am

Nice web site. I liked the picture of the tatooed guy reading.

ana paula 8-5
8/20/2009 08:31:47 am

hi mr.griffith! jajajaajaj i saw your website!!

Marcela Alfaro
8/20/2009 08:36:58 am

hi mr griffith I liked your web page :)

Isabella Castillo
8/20/2009 08:45:22 am

hi mr grifith i liked your web page and the way you did it was very creative.

Vinicio G 8-5
8/20/2009 09:02:37 am

hi mr griffith i took a look at you blog and i think its nice, pretty organized and easily to understand. I did my hw.

Christian 8-3
8/20/2009 09:04:46 am

hello mr griffith i think is really good you are right about ele.

Benjamin 8-3
8/20/2009 09:26:31 am

mr. griffith i saw your website and i found it very interesting the way you created..

Ou Suk Kwon (8-3)
8/20/2009 09:49:53 am

hi Mr. griffith i'm jonh ! how are you? i'm fine :D hehe. guys this homework is so difficult right ??

Ou Suk Kwon 8-2
8/20/2009 09:54:26 am

Ou Suk Kwon 8-3
8/20/2009 09:58:06 am

oops i comment 2 times. sorry Mr. griffith it was a accident @.@ hehe and jonh is incorrect. john is correct. sorry for leaving 3 comments haha

8/20/2009 10:31:28 am

Hi Mr. Griffith. It was very funny and
interesting the front page of the
book. Oh, I also liked your website.

Pedro 8-3
8/20/2009 10:33:52 am

Hi Mr. Griffith. It was very funny
and interesting to see the front page
of the book you posted. Oh, I also
like your website.

Sorry Mr, I wrote again cuz I forgot
to put my grade and section. >.>

Xristos 8-3
8/20/2009 10:47:38 am

WOW!! your blog is very interesting!! i liked alot the pictures you put in!

Jose Zepeda
8/20/2009 11:16:42 am

Hi Mr.Griffith!! Your website is so cool and creative!
I really like it! Specially the pictures, jajajaja!

Bye, See ya on school!! :D!

Jose Zepeda 8-3
8/20/2009 11:19:54 am

Hi Mr.Griffith!! Your website is so cool and creative!
I really like it! Specially the pictures, jajajaja!

Sry to comment again but I forgot to put grade and section! jajajaja

Bye, See ya on school!! :D!

isa arevalo 8-5
8/20/2009 11:28:22 am

Hi Mr. Griffith I really enjoyed your web page and i also thought that it was really creative and those pictures are really amazing.


Marcos Vielman 8-5
8/20/2009 11:32:39 am

Mr. Griffith I think your website is cool and original I hope you make more websites you are very creative.

P.S. Go Barcelona!!!

Debbie Porres 8-5
8/20/2009 12:04:58 pm

Mr. Griffith your webpage is great!love the pictures!

Marcela Alfaro 8-5
8/20/2009 12:29:03 pm

mr.griffith i didn't put the sectin n the other commentay sorry jeje...! btw i loved all the pictures

Gaby Tyggum
8/20/2009 12:34:02 pm

Hey Mr. Griffith! the web site is great! i really enjoyed the pictures

Cristobal S. 8-3
8/20/2009 01:14:59 pm

Sup Griffith. I thougt that your site was funny do die, lol. I specially liked the picture of u readin a book in middle school. Why did u put a picture of Charlie Brown? I hope to enjoy your class later in the year. C u l8er.

Jenifer 8-1
8/21/2009 07:41:48 am

Hey Mr.Griffith your website is cool,i enjoyed it.

Sharon Groewold 8-5
8/21/2009 08:25:10 am

Haha,nice. You did a very good job on this, i like it. :)

Jaime R
8/21/2009 08:30:53 am

Your website is really cool and you were funny when you studied in grade 8.Didn`t it hurt to get all those tattoos removed?

maria elisa v. 8-2
8/21/2009 08:48:04 am

hi mr. griffith!! i really liked the blog it was really interesting. loved the pics!!

Chih-Chun T. 8-4
8/21/2009 11:42:31 am

hi mr. griffith!! a very nice website.
Nice pictures.

jean luc van b.
8/21/2009 12:16:37 pm

thankyou for introducing yourself to us and very nice blog for the way

Cristian B 8 1
8/21/2009 12:18:40 pm

I think your website is very cool and tells us a lot about you and your class

sangwoo shin
8/21/2009 01:22:07 pm

griffith i like to be in your class like last year.

ps:good website.

Virginia G. 8-1
8/21/2009 02:48:39 pm

Hi Mr. Griffith, I think the wabsite was nice.

Alejandro 8-2
8/21/2009 11:51:21 pm

Hi mr. griffith I loved your web sit it was very interesting see you in class.

Paula Ibarguen
8/22/2009 01:19:23 am

Hey Mr. Griffith! Nice website....

Salvador A. 8-4
8/22/2009 01:20:27 am

hello, that was really you in 1978...
of course you weren't

Cecilia Alfaro 8-1
8/22/2009 02:28:54 am

Mr website!!! loved your webpage and liked the picture of the tattooed guy really funny!!

Ana Cristina A. 8-4
8/22/2009 05:30:35 am

Hey Mr. Griffith...this is a nice page!! I like it because it is easy to use and funny!! I love it!

Esteban EL-1185
8/22/2009 07:06:21 am

Hi Mr. Griffith it's me Esteban 8-1.

Alexandra B. 8-3
8/22/2009 11:54:05 am

Hey Mr.Griffith cool website..

8/22/2009 12:21:04 pm

hi mr.griffith..i liked your website :)

Mariana Beltranena
8/22/2009 01:29:57 pm


Michelle H. 8-1
8/22/2009 02:18:37 pm

Hello, mr. Griffith I liked your website it is very interesting!..

sebastian w. 8 - 2
8/23/2009 01:23:46 am

hey mr. Griffin i like your website specially the picture of the guy reading

Anastasia Saravia 8-5
8/23/2009 01:40:56 am

Hey, nice website i found some interesting things!!

Juan marco botran 8-5
8/23/2009 01:43:10 am

Hi mr.griffith, i like the guy reading the book

michelle piters 8-5
8/23/2009 04:00:40 am

hi mr griffith..!! i saw your website..!
see u in school!

Joseph Fuentes 8-3
8/23/2009 05:13:40 am

Hi mr Griffith, Cool website, i liked it.
See you Monday!

alejandro hernandez 8-5
8/23/2009 05:18:40 am

real madrid is the best

alejandro hernandez 8-5
8/23/2009 05:20:04 am

hey mr. grifith your web page is really cool

Ching Chi 8-3
8/23/2009 05:27:32 am

Mr. Griffith,
I liked the guy reading but I don't beleave it was you!!! your page is really cool and creative.

Ching Chi 8-2
8/23/2009 05:28:53 am

Mr. Griffith,
I liked the guy reading but I don't beleave it was you!!! your page is really cool and creative.

P.S. sorry to publish again because I put in the wrong section

Maricarmen 8-3
8/23/2009 07:13:24 am

I loooved your website Mr.Grifith!!! jaja

Daniela Morales 8-2
8/23/2009 07:57:31 am

Hi Mr. Griffith! I liked your blog.. It was very interesting and I liked the picture of the guy reading.

sarah 8-3
8/23/2009 08:47:12 am

hi mr. griffith! i know i left you a comment already but i´ll be sincere, i hadn´t really looked through your page. anyway i saw other´s people´s comments and they were all positive, so i decidied to check out the page on my own, and eventually i liked it. i especially liked the student a stundent b comparison, i liked it because looking at it that way i realized i read more than 20 minutes a day, that means i read much more than student a! i also liked charlie brown... and i´m looking forward to writing!

Stephany 8-1
8/23/2009 09:10:49 am

Hi Mr.Griffith nice website.

nicole c
8/23/2009 09:49:11 am

i like your website it is really good!!

nicole c 8-3
8/23/2009 09:50:27 am

Esteban Rivera
8/23/2009 10:46:47 am

hi saw youre web site cool

Ricardo 8-2
8/23/2009 11:11:05 am

hi mr griffith I liked your web site I think you made a graet job. I liked alot of pictures but the one I liked the most was the guy reading with tatoos

Gaby G
8/23/2009 11:21:48 am

Hi Mr.Griffith I really like your website! Nice pictures... 8_2

Delia C. 8-3
8/23/2009 12:15:19 pm

hi, mr.griffith i liked a lot the web site and the pictures were very nice too. bye

anaite 8-3
8/23/2009 01:00:10 pm

Mr. griffith i looked at your website and its interesting.

Sergio rivera 8-5
8/23/2009 01:02:35 pm

Mr grifith i looked at it and was interesting but sorry for put it in the night

Juan Diego Lara 8-3
8/23/2009 01:52:42 pm

mr. griffith I really like the pictures of your web site.

Juan Roberto Alvarado 8-4
8/23/2009 02:21:43 pm

Hey Mr. Griffith nice website


Hyungum K 8-3
8/23/2009 02:31:34 pm

i liked your website!!

Jose A. Weymann 8-5
8/23/2009 09:54:20 pm

Hi Mr.Grifith i saw your site

daniela de leon 8-5
8/24/2009 04:15:18 am

i blogged my comment i like it :)
okay!! bye!!

Juan Pablo Wurmser 8-2
8/24/2009 07:51:06 am

Hey Mr.Griffith cool website.
See you in school.

PS: Vamos Barca

Valeria I. 8-1
8/24/2009 07:56:16 am

Hi MR.Griffith cool website.!

Isabella 8-4
8/24/2009 08:16:10 am

hey Mr.Griffith!!!cool website!!loved the pictures!! =P

Marcela Z. 8-4
8/24/2009 08:24:30 am

Hi Mr. Griffith I liked the website. Nice pictures!!!

8/24/2009 08:47:07 am

Katherine Poole 8-4
8/24/2009 08:47:31 am

Mr. Griffith:
Nice web site!! I love your pictures!! It looks to me very creative and interesting!! It looks very cool!!

Jose A. Chavez 8-2
8/24/2009 08:48:56 am

hey mr.griffith i like your website because it is going to help me keep up with class

see you tomorrow

Daniela H. 8-4
8/24/2009 09:43:39 am

COOOL!!!!! JAJAJ I like this jajaj it wil help a lot jajajaj ILY

Marisa 8-4
8/24/2009 09:48:08 am

heey mr.griffith (: nice website, definetly fun to look at GOOD JOB

8/24/2009 09:52:06 am

Hey mr. Griffith! I really liked your website, very neat!! I think it is a very easy, organized, and creative way of getting all of our assignments done.Your pictures were very interesting and funny! Hope we all have a great E.L.E. class!BTW that guy reading with tatoos doesn´t look like u!

Che Youn
8/24/2009 10:01:08 am

8/24/2009 10:01:46 am

Hi Mr.Griffith :D
nice blog ^^

Che youn 8-2
8/24/2009 10:02:36 am

Hi Mr.Griffith :D
nice blog ^^

(sorry to comment again, i forgot to put my section)

Juan Diego Guzmán 8-2
8/24/2009 10:34:07 am

Hi Mr.Griffith is that really you in the pic?

cristina saravia
8/24/2009 10:44:14 am

nice blog mr.griffith it will help me in this class thank u

alejandro paz 8-1
8/24/2009 10:47:33 am

hi mr griffith i saw the web site and is very intresting

Enrique Neutze 8 1
8/24/2009 10:56:49 am

Hi Mr. griffith I like alot your blog and thanks for helping us with all this information i hope we have a good year

Oscar B
8/24/2009 11:13:24 am

Mr. Griffith your web site is really nice and intresting.

Oscar B 8-4
8/24/2009 11:14:59 am

Mr. Griffith your web site is really nice and intresting your web site is really organized.

8/24/2009 11:17:13 am

GREART Job Mr. griffith your website is very cool and really intresting

Camila Leal 8-2
8/24/2009 11:30:38 am

mr. griffith here is my post...I have enjoyed a lot seeing your website and everything.Camila Leal 8-2

andrea g. 8-2
8/24/2009 12:16:02 pm

hey mr. griffith love your websitee it will help with hw and everything else!!! thank you!!

Jose Ramon Mena
8/24/2009 01:16:57 pm

I made the homework! its a miracle... nice website mr griffith

Amani Mubarak
8/24/2009 01:39:12 pm

cool website mr.griffith! ;)

Julie B. 8-2
8/24/2009 01:41:46 pm

Hi! I like your website a lot. It is very creative and I feel that it will help me understand better what we will be doing in your class this year. Thanks!

Brian 8-1
8/25/2009 04:15:35 am

Hi Mr.Griffith

Javier M
8/25/2009 04:26:51 am

I like your web because it is organized and helpful for me.

pablo C 8-4
8/25/2009 04:27:55 am

Pablo C 8-4
8/25/2009 04:29:00 am


Alo G
8/25/2009 08:20:34 am

>Your blog is veryh good. I think the blog will be a nice tool for this year

8/25/2009 01:17:50 pm

8-3 camila f.
Mr. griffith your website is awsome. this is gonna help a lot this year. very helpful

Sammy Ch. 8-2
8/26/2009 10:50:16 am

hey Griffith!! veeeeeeeeeery intresting lol sorry im being the late bird, but i forgot! i didn't have an agenda yet so i didn't remember!! TY for reminding me!

Dong Jae Lee
8/26/2009 11:39:06 am

oh god :D nice website here. i thought i was something boring but nice website xD

Dong Jae Lee 8-1
8/26/2009 11:40:42 am

oh god :D nice website here. i thought i was something boring but nice website xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD
(for got to put my seccion T~T)

Jackie H 8-4
8/27/2009 10:21:04 am

Hi Mr. Griffith till today i got to write you a blog because my computer didnt let me go on your website so I whent to marcelas house to write a blog to you.
Now here i am sitting in marcelas computer to get my homework done. I hope you understand my situation jajajaja
cooooool website :)

nina dorion 8-4
8/29/2009 03:34:04 am

hi mr.grifith nice website its very cool i found out i coundnt go on because i was writing your name wrong only woth one f oops!!! but now i did cool website

Jose Antonio Weymann 8-5
9/8/2009 09:55:05 am

hey mr grifith i went to learm out loud and saw a blog about guatemala the one of the woman who lost her husband to the hands of militars during civil war the MIT one

9/8/2009 11:43:57 am


Mariana beltranena
9/8/2009 01:20:16 pm

9/8/2009 01:43:53 pm

I found a podcast about birds and their size limit. It talkes that how fast can a bird can be by the time they molt. So birds periodicaly change their fethers. Small birds are able to replace their fethers faster than the bigger birds. And that is why some big birds are not able to fly. This is by Cynthia Graber and I think is very interesting because I didn't knew that some birds dont fly by that.

Sammy Chang
9/9/2009 10:41:50 am

HEY!! XD I never knew they would have Oprah Winfrey podcasts with famous writers in this website. Coooooooool. So now whatta we gonna blog next? movies? LOL OLO XD

Juan Pablo Wurmser 8-2
9/9/2009 11:08:27 am

Mr.Griffith I found a podcast about a blues rythm for the guitar, I liked it alot and now I can play Blues. It shows you note by note the rythm you should try it. It works.

Christa 8-1
9/9/2009 11:39:27 am

Hey Mr. Griffith , I found a podcast about two guys that tell about the nations most popular football shows, their names are Nick and Steven, I really dont know who they are but, you can hear them on Sirius Satellite Radio. They do it every 5 days, and just talk about football.

Marcela Z. 8-4
9/9/2009 12:41:10 pm

Hey Mr griffith i saw a podcast in learn outloud that was about a woman that lost her husband during the civil war.

9/9/2009 01:17:50 pm

I heard about a podcasts saying something about a guy wh had his first concert and the the matress that was covering the place from the rain got all filled up and went down and all the people got wet. Anyway I thought of you when I say a Video on Youtube about Podcast so her it is:

9/9/2009 01:34:15 pm

9/9/2009 01:39:06 pm

Sorry to put 2 thing but the podscat that i heard was one of the speeches telling the speech about Presiden Mc Kennedy. It told about how the speech of presiden Mc Kennedy speech change most of the world. At the same time he told that alot of thing about the people that change the world. But another part tells about that people can do thing that can change slightly the world but there would be danger to do the act.

Jaime R 8-2
9/10/2009 08:11:57 am

The podcast I heard was on the website of It was called Slaves Narratives and was sort of an interview between the author of the podcast toward slaves that have served their masters. They said some things about how they were treated and how long they had worked as slaves. My opinion is that it is good they say what they feel so they drain out their feelings and so listeners learn about slavery.

Jose Javier F
9/10/2009 08:39:32 am

I went to learn out loud and saw a podcast about Michael Jordan. I think he is phenomenal. I also learned that he was drafted 3rd in the NBA by the Bulls. He also left school to go pro basketball player. I liked this podcast.

Benjamin B. 8-3
9/10/2009 12:55:52 pm

hey griffith

Yey Barca!! I listen a podcast about golf. It was in the learnoutloud website and it was about how all pro golfers met to celebrate Arnold Palmer's 80th birthday. It was very interesting because he told he felt like a 35 year old person and that his best won was when he was 7 years old and he won a mini-golf contest in his golf club and that impressed me because he holds records and he is known for winning many important golf tournaments.
Benjamin B.

Yey Barca!!

Chih-Chun T. 8-4
9/12/2009 03:56:38 am

I went to learnoutloud and watch a podcast about podcast. It was called PODCASTING and it talked about what is podcasting what is blogcasting and other type of similar medias. This podcast help me on the understading of podcasting and many of it purposes and some of the history of the changes on media type.

9/15/2009 10:55:00 am

Hi Mr.Griffith. I heard about a podcast in basketball. This podcast was about the one who score the first basketball in the nba history. It also was about how they played in that time.

Alo G 8 4
9/15/2009 10:56:13 am

Sorry i forgot to put my section number

Hyungum 8-3
9/15/2009 02:22:36 pm

9/15/2009 02:33:42 pm

my podcast is about religion and spirituality and I chosed about a guy named Dr. William Franklin Graham, Jr. and he preached the message of Christianity around the world. And he made people to accept Jesus in their lifes,,,,,,

alejandro hernandez 8-5
9/16/2009 08:42:01 am

i choose a podcast about footbal and it si about how the profesonals get to a really good team and how they need to get to thir goal and it is very difficult for them at first becouse it is a lot of work.

Juan marco botran 8-5
9/16/2009 09:52:25 am

hi i heard the podcast about the mlb and I think it is great. I liked the idea of starting the podcast with music. my podcast was about who was the first team to have a black player.

Tomas Castillo 8-4
10/21/2009 11:08:09 am

Hi Mr. Griffith nice website i like your website it is very cool i specialy like the guy with the blog tato

Tomas Castillo 8-4
10/21/2009 11:22:11 am

Hi mr. griffith my mom is pestering me so here is my podcast on Michael Jaksson it was that when he was black and young and happy he formed a band with his black brothers but they spplit up because Michael went solo career and sky rocketed to fame.After some years fame got to his head and became very controvercial and started to change his skin color. The world got confused about why he changed his color skin then he died at the age of 50 due to substance abuse. His music will be always heard i wish i could have been to one of his concerts.

Alvaro 8-2
11/11/2009 09:31:36 am

Nice website Mr. Grifith


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